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For all the music lovers, Pandora is indeed a magical paradise for all the listeners to have a fantastic music experience. However, the problem occurred. Most listeners found out that they always failing to download and saving the music they like from Pandora on account of the copyright limitations. Not all the music lovers would be eligible to keep staying online to enjoy Pandora music. There seems to be impossible to save Pandora as our permanent memory. Absolutely not! I am going to show you some tricks to download and save your favorite Pandora music to MP3 freely! And I will answer your confusion about what Pandora actually is at first.

Part 1. What is Pandora Music


Can You Download Songs From Pandora Premium

  • After you run the software, you can see the primary windows pop out, and click on the “Record” button. Then you go to Pandora.com to search for the music you adore. After you choose the music, it will start to record it. You can click on the “Record” button again when it finishes.
  • If you cannot manually locate the song on Google Play, you can download the song from iTunes or Amazon after you've purchased the song and then use the Google Play service to listen to them. Google actually is running a promo on this right now.

Definition: Pandora, also known as Pandora Internet Radio or Pandora Radio, is a music streaming and automated music recommendation internet radio service powered by the Music Genome Project.

Functions: What the most miraculous about Pandora is that provides the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken for users. With the selection of massive songs and audio resources, users can enter genre, artist or composer to create their personal station that plays only music they like. Enjoy your own music according to your listening tastes. Amazing, right?

Not unless u download the songs or buy them off iTunes, pandora has to have Internet connection to work. U can download the pandora app to a iPod touch, iPhone, blackberry or android 0 0. With it, you can capture and download Pandora music files offline on Mac and Windows with one click only and play the recorded tracks on any music player as you like. Once downloaded, you can freely edit the music quality by setting the bit rate, codec, trimming or merging the tracks, etc.

Can You Download Songs From Pandora To Iphone

Platforms: Pandora can be accessed either through a web browser or via the Pokki platform on the users' desktop.

Prices: Pandora provides 2 members, one for free and the other one is required payment. For free, you are required to sign up an account that enables you to keep the music playing without any limitation. But if you want to experience the Pandora music well and enjoy your personalized radio with no ads, you need to pay $4.99/month for Pandora Plus, $9.99/month for Pandora Premium and $14.99/month for Pandora Premium Family respectively.

Can You Download Music From Pandora For Free

Limitation: However, to comply with the requirements and protections offered by the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), Pandora serves users only in the United States, using IP addresses to block users from non-complying countries. Unlike the web-based version, you don't need to apply an account to play Pandora music in the Pandora Pokki app, but you are required to be located in the United States to use the service.

That could be annoying to most music lovers around the world. So, are there any methods to resolve this problem and help to save Pandora music to MP3 freely for the music lovers around the world? That's we are going to talk about in the next part!

Part 2. Downlaod Pandora Music to MP3 via TuneFab Screen Recorder

Can you download songs from pandora premium

For all the music lovers to enjoy Pandora music around the world, it is amazing to save Pandora to MP3. Here we highly recommend the most powerful Pandora MP3 downloader TuneFab Screen Recorder to you.

TuneFab Screen Recorder supports to record screen activity, online videos, streaming audios, and games, etc. with high output quality. Besides, it is also a fast-speed audio recorder freely without being online or under any limitations. In this way, TuneFab Screen Recorder can download and convert Pandora to MP3 and enables you to enjoy the tracks from time to time. You can have a try on the software by clicking the button below.

Here are the simple steps to run the tool in the Window system and get your Pandora music downloaded and converted to MP3 within a few minutes.


Step 1. Download and Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

Install TuneFab Screen Recorder to your computer and run it with the instruction given to you. The main interface is like this:

Step 2. Adjust Audio Inputs

Can You Download Music From Pandora To Your Phone

Next, click 'Audio Recorder' to get into a new interface. Then adjust the audio inputs. Please make sure to enable 'System Sound' and switch off the 'Microphone', or you will have the surrounding sound recorded. And the volume of the system sound is adjustable.

Step 3. Choose Output Format

Move to the 'More Settings' > 'Output' and then choose MP3 as the output format.

Step 4. Select the Pandora Music

Visit https://www.pandora.com and choose the music you like.

Step 5. Record the Pandora Music to MP3 Format

Can You Download Songs From Pandora To A Cd

Click the 'REC' button and play back the music at Pandora. After recording the sections that you want.

Step 6. Preview the Audio

Don't forget to take a preview of the audio after you click the stop icon. You can preview the audio you recorded just now and if you are satisfied with it, click the 'Save' button.

That's it, the process of recording free Pandora music is done. Try to save your favorite music from Pandora by yourself with this simple tutorial.

Can You Download Songs From Pandora Music

Download Pandora Songs Free

So far, you have already known the useful and effective methods to save Pandora music in MP3 and convert them to other formats you want respectively. If you want to play the Pandora music on your devices, start to run TuneFab Screen Recorder now, you will find it really useful with simple instructions, time-saving and fast-speed with high output quality.