Toad Error - Cannot load OCI DLL: C:Oracleinstantclient_11_1oci.dll
Oracle Home is not Valid on TOAD
Instant Client -
ORACLE_HOME_NAME: C:Oracleappproduct11.2.0client_1bin
ORACLE_HOME: C:Oracleappproduct11.2.0client_1bin
C:Oracleappproduct11.2.0client_1bin exists.
C:Oracleappproduct11.2.0client_1bin is in PATH.
Client DLL: C:Oracleappproduct11.2.0client_1binoci.dll
Client Version:
Home is NOT valid!
Toad only works with Oracle11g client-32 bit on Windows 10- 64 bit or any version of windows,in my case it was windows 10-64bit.
firstly i was installed Oracle11g client 64bit on Windows 64 bit and was getting error as above mentioned then
de installed and installed 11gclient-32bit on Windows-64 bit,after that toad is working fine.

Oracle Database 12.2.0 Windows 10 Toad Hi Team, grateful if you can advise on error below I have set the environment variables properly as shown. I can open Oracle in toad and in the VS Server Explorer. Find the copy oci.dll and ociw32.dll from the appropriate.jar file to your oracle.


Get the following error message when trying to connect to an Oracle database from PowerBuilder:

'Oracle Library OCI.DLL could not be loaded'


Cannot find oci dll toad oracle query


Windows 10 64-bit

Oci Dll Not Found

Reproducing the Issue

Trying to connect to Oracle from PowerBuilder with the 64-bit Oracle client will cause this error.


Powerbuilder is a 32-bit application and therefore, can only connect to 32-bit database clients.

To verify whether or not the 32-bit Oracle client is being used run the Oracle SQLPlus program. Then open the

Windows Task Manager and go to the Processes tab. Sort it by process name and look for sqlplus.exe. It will

look like the following if it is running as a 32-bit application:

sqlplus.exe *32


Could Not Locate Oci Dll Toad Oracle 11g


Cannot Load Oci Dll Toad

Install the 32-bit Oracle client to resolve this issue.