Panasonic Diagrams, Schematics and Service Manuals - download for free! Including: panasnonic 2155 service manual, panasnonic 2853 service manual, panasnonic 2913 service manual, panasnonic 2995 service manual, panasnonic 3265 service manual, panasnonic 3272 service manual, panasonic 2006 pdp sos blinks and other symptoms th 65px600u th 50px600u th 42px600u th 58px60u th 50px60u th 42px60u th. Pictures and Specifications of the CRT SS9900 Mobile Export Radio / Plaatje en Specificaties van de CRT SS9900 Mobiele Export-Radio CB & Export Radios. Manual: Software (V1 / V 2.1) Service Manual: Modification: Version: 10 Meter: Export: Frequency Range: 28.000 - 29.700 MHz. 25.615 - 30.105 MHz. Frequency Steps.

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Crt Ss 7900 Service Manual Pdf

Crt ss 7900 service manual transmission

Thanks to the incredible speed of shipping from the CRT Branded Qixiang produced 7900 landed here at the shack. 28000-29700 AM/FM/SSB and comes with fitted CTCSS which in the past was option on many radios. PC Programming software available but it is runtime error 8020 on Windows 10 Professional.

CRT SS 7900 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for CRT SS 7900. We have 1CRT SS 7900 manual available for free PDF download: User Manual CRT SS 7900 User Manual (23 pages). 1 1 FUNCTIONS & FEATURES STANDARD ACCESSORIES 1. Big LCD displays frequency and all kinds of information 2. PA、AM、FM、USB、LSB mode 3. Frequency Tuning Step can be 100Hz,1KHz,10KHz,100KHz,1MHz. CRT cathode ray tube CSM 1. Compaq system management 2. Compaq server management DAC digital-to-analog converter DC direct current DCH DOS compatibility hole DDC Display Data Channel DDR Double data rate (memory) DIMM dual inline memory module DIN Deutche IndustriNorm (connector type) DIP dual inline package DMA direct memory access.

The radio expands via a jumper this time and as you can see the board is the same as the AT5555N so guess it is possibly V6 or V7 in this incarnation.

As I wrote earlier the PC software does not work on Windows 10, so luckily a netbook saved me with Windows 7 and in this the software sailed in and read, write from the radio quickly and easily

The fact that the radio is RJ45 mike wired, and the fact that it does not come with any mike adapter will weigh heavy on those who want the radio and also need to change mikes. As mentioned before there are some companies selling these adapters. The best is Konektor5000 in Lodz Poland.

Somewhere on the long and winding sea crossing this radio had a ding, small dent in the case before the speaker. So guys take a little more care with this. Radios are not cheap. Maybe the maker, importer and distributor should have noticed it maybe? Guess each was checked as matter of course, so next time look a little better please.


Crt Ss 9900 Service Manual

Des not stop it working of course, just a notice for further times down the road.

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