The Curtis Model 1313 Handheld Programmer is a powerful and intuitive programming and diagnostic tool. The 1313 performs comprehensive programming and troubleshooting tasks for all vehicles that use Curtis programmable motor controllers or control systems. The 1314 Windows PC Software Tool provides comprehensive and intuitive PC based programming, monitoring and system diagnostics for all Curtis programmable motor speed controllers and control systems. The 1314 Windows PC Software Tool is intended for use by vehicle OEMs, dealers, and service engineers.

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  2. How to program a Curtis controller. Programming a Curtis controller generally requires an external device and software. However, a person with little knowledge about golf carts and speed controllers can easily program this machine in the right way. As mentioned earlier, there is a handheld programming device that is essential to program the.
  3. Re: Any luck programming the new RXV Curtis controller via Software FSIP does also sell adapters for the standard 4 pin Molex connector to RXV to make the existing handsets work. 1314 does indeed communicate with the 1206AC.
Curtis Controller Programming Software Download1204M-4201 is a controller with '24V Working Voltage' option in the '1204M/1205M Series' of CURTIS, ideal for replacing an old CURTIS 1204 controller (1204-004, 1204-036 or other 1204 controllers). With the original controller model number provided by the buyer, the seller could identify more detailed information like 'voltage', 'current' and 'throttle type'. Then the controller will be programmed to the same setting as the original one of the buyer.
As the new member of 1204M / 1205M series winding motor speed controllers, the controller model 1204M-4201 has an extra 'J5' terminal which offers new function 'reverse signal input' or 'main contactor driver' (corresponding controller parameter 'Rev Input / Main Driver').
The parameter 'Rev Input / Main Driver' determines the signal input at the controller’s J5 terminal:Speed
  • 0 = reverse input and main driver both inactive; use this setting if you are replacing an earlier model with no J5 terminal and want to leave the wiring as it was.
  • 1 = reverse input active (see page 7, figure 5 of controller manual).
  • 2 = main driver active (see page 7, figure 4 of controller manual).
For reprogramming the controller 1204M-4201, you may use a CURTIS programmer.
It is quite simple to connect a CURTIS programmer to controller 1204M-4201. If you are going to diagnose or reprogram a 1204M-4201 in your office, you may prepare a 24V DC power source for feeding the power to the controller and to the programmer.
  • Put the MOLEX 4-Pin connector of programmer communicating cable into the mating connector of controller 1204M-4201.
  • Connect the power source positive (B+) to the controller B+ main terminal and J1 terminal.
  • Connect the power source negative (B-) to the controller B- main terminal.
  • switch on the DC power source, then you will see the initiating screen (handheld programmer) or you can start to connect the controller (PC Station programmer).
  • Entering the programmer manual, you may choose to:
    • modify the controller parameters
    • monitoring the controller status
    • diagnosing the controller
    • viewing the error history
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Curtis Dc Controller

Relatively, programming a 1204M-4201 is relative simpler than the programming process of other CURTIS controller models. For each different controller models, CURTIS configures a different terminal setting for programmers. But there are some points are common:
  • A KSI (key switch input) terminal is always available for activating the controller.
  • For activating the logical circuit of a CURTIS controller, a 24V DC power (max. the rated working voltage of controller) positive (B+) should be connected to the KSI terminal.
  • For some controller models, a dedicated logical enable terminal is available, should also be feed by the same B+, like KSI.
  • The DC power negative (B-) should be connected to B- terminal of controller, for constructing a complete working circuit.
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For both handset type and PC station type CURTIS programmers, we can now store the controller program, and re-use it in other programmers for saving it into a new controller of same model, or for future diagnose.