Unfortunately, the MLB effect is rather disappointing (DA down to enemies), so stoning Garuda will only make it a better stats stick. Tezca: Unlike the other main element 120% summons, Tezca is the only one that is useable in any circumstances so long as you have the required team comp. The raid needs to stay as close to Garuda, right behind her, moving at all times between casts to stay mobile. While this is happening, her feather adds will spawn, and need to be killed as fast. The room owner is weak and wants higher rank players to help him defeat the raid. The room owner wants firepower and welcomes DPS racers.

  1. Garuda Raid Gbf Wiki
  2. Garuda Raid Gbf Quest
  3. Garuda Raid Gbf Wiki
  4. Garuda Raid Gbf Bis

Note: this guide is slightly outdated atm, please refer to other sources of information.

General guideline about stoning your SSR summons:

  • Pretty obvious, but don’t ever stone a summon that you can farm.
  • Prioritize unticketable summons / summons with a lower draw rate if you can help it (you’ll be less likely to draw a dupe after you MLB’ed it if it has lower draw rate).
  • The following list is only an indication, and you should consider how close you are to MLBing a summon when choosing a stone target (using a stone on a 2* Bahamut will be a better investment than a 0* Athena for example), and if you have a team that can make use of the summon (Hades might not have such a high priority if you don’t own Zooey and can’t afford Gislas).
  • If you are patient enough, always try to wait until you have enough stones to directly MLB the summon before using them. The only exception being for summons where you’re stoning them for the sole purpose of getting better stats stick and not an improved aura/call effect. Or if you’re desperate for more stats in your summon grid (although there are generally good farmable options to use in the meanwhile)
  • Note that summon debuffs land rate are influenced by your MC main element, and not the element of the summon itself.
  • This guide can also be used as a “What summon should I suptix?” if you’re more interested in getting a summon rather than a character.
Garuda Raid Gbf

*means unticketable

Highest Priority:

  • Hades*: The strongest primal at the moment, which will guarantee you to get MVP in any raid, even against on-element players. Note that an optimal Hades grid will require you to spend a few surprise tickets on Gislas. You’ll also have to go through the hellish Cerberus gun farm, and the DAO farm as well (although this one is more bearable). You also need Summer Zooey to use Hades to its full potential, so prepare yourself to spark her if you don’t have her.
  • Agni*: The second strongest primal, which allows truly fire to be “great again”, it’s not really a coincidence that it’s ranked next to Hades since the two primals share relatively similar weapons. The weapon pool consists in Athena spears, Crimson finger, Ecke Sachs, Zhuque Katanas. It’s good to note that the friends you’ll want will depend on what you want to use your fire team against: against wind, a double agni grid with a lot of ecke sachs (up to 6 ecke sachs and 3 athena spears) for the crit, against neutral element you’ll prefer Shiva friends with a more balanced weapon deck.
Garuda raid gbf loot
  • Shiva*: The strongest elemental summon, having a mlb shiva will automatically let you get easy Agni friends so you should consider farming a fire primal grid if you ever get him. His call is extremely powerful ( around x2 damage and x2 cap damage) even though useable only once, you’ll definitely want him in your summon grids to get an edge when MVP racing (or just to watch everyone panic as they see a shiva in their cross summon pool).

High Priority:

  • Apollo: Veil is invaluable, but that doesn’t mean that the characters that have it get a free pass into the frontline. Having a MLB apollo will allow you to get much more flexibility as for who you’ll bring in your team as you won’t be stuck with Vira / Magisa / Arulu / Sage / etc… in your party. And you even get an attack buff as a bonus! The fact that veil is only unlocked at MLB makes Apollo a high priority target for your stones, as his value goes from 0 to 100 as soon as you unlock the Veil.
  • DAO: It’s a bit of a special case since her MLB effect will only work for dark characters, but at any rate a slow is always extremely useful, especially when you don’t have the chance to have a slow in your team. Having a full diamond boss in break is dangerous because you never know when it’ll get out of break to kick your ass with a lethal ougi. Dark players should uncap her asap since her effect will also reduce all dark characters CD by one turn (which is incredibly stupid if you’re also using Zoi).
  • Athena: Her damage cut saves lives, and she is a much better stats stick than carbuncles, so it’s enough a reason for her to be a high priority in the uncap list. Extremely useful against boss with multi element triggers (flame=glass HL, Nezha HL, Baha HL). If you’re playing fire she’ll also be a decent summon to use for her main aura when you can’t find Shiva / Agni friends.
  • Bahamut* and Lucifer*: also commonly known as the “friends bait”, they are not on the top of the list because everyone and their mothers have them in their support summons, so it’s not too difficult to find them or even to friend them, since Baha and Luci owners will often want Magna support summons. However, now that those summons have a 4*, it’s become harder to find people with 130% Luci/Baha as they require a significant farm to acquire, so it might be a good idea to get your own so you won’t have to reroll summons to get that extra bit of power. Plus, their calls got upgraded, and the effect are not necessarily broken, they remain at least pretty handy. They also are the biggest stats sticks existing currently.
  • Alexiel*: The second 140% elemental summon released, and it’s dirt! While very strong, it’s not a summon as game breaking as Shiva for a few reasons, mainly that earth already had a very good 120% elemental summon with Tezca, and since Alex call isn’t as busted as Shiva. Still very worth the stone if you don’t want to deal with the headache that is getting characters that fit a Tezca composition.
  • Varuna*: Not as godly as Agni or Hades in terms of off element damage, but mandatory if you want to optimize your water damage. The grid will often use a mix between Fenrir bows (1-2 generally), Fenrir axes, Aubernon, Celestials weapons. If you’re able to whale and get one or several FLB Murgleis in the grid, your damage will skyrocket. Reserved to dedicated water players only who will be ready to make 5* GW water characters to get further efficiency and synergy.
  • Kaguya*: Friend bait #3, Kaguya’s MLB value depends heavily on how much you value that 5% placebo. The active at MLB is still pretty good, as it raises the damage cap and ougi cap by 25%, but the duration of the animation might not justify using it in racing conditions.

Medium Priority:

Garuda Raid Gbf Wiki

  • Grande*: With the increasing resurgence of Primal builds, Kaguya and Bunnies, it’s been harder and harder to find a support slot to put Grande in, and as a result it’s become harder to find friends with MLB Grande. While useable for racing, Grande isn’t necessarily the best candidate to MVP raids and is more here to allow you to play with a different meta, keeping you from getting bored with the game as you have access to more diversified team compositions. Reserved to people who have a large pool of characters. As for the active, the drain unfortunately doesn’t fit well in a meta where enmity is king. If you’re not using enmity (or if you need some extra safety), it’s still one of the best healing summon as it will drain 3k HP in three turns.
  • Titan*: The gap between dirt primal and dirt magna builds isn’t that noticeable (especially compared to other elements), and farming a Titan grid is just a lot of effort for a rather marginal increase in damage. You will want Baal guns, Baal axes and a Vohu gun in the grid generally (with the usual Magna and Unknown weapon). Titan active is still pretty interesting for Enmity based teams as it will allow you to survive lethal ougi and be at very low HP. Still with Eugen gun receiving a FLB upgrade in the future, it might be a good investment.
  • Zeus*: The issue with Zeus isn’t really that he is a weak primal, but more that it takes a very consequent amount of time before you can see benefit over a magna chev build, Zeus becoming stronger only once you achieved getting 5 MLB Chev swords. If you happen to have such an amount of Chev Swords or more, consider stoning Zeus in priority, otherwise it can wait until you get to that point.
  • Odin: Even though Odin teams are kinda outdated now, Odin still grants you a very strong active (20% def down with a pretty good land rate), and the crit you gain at MLB is becoming more useful now that GW requires you to generally fight on element. It’s also one of the best stats stick in the game. He doesn’t bring any unparalleled utility, but he’s a good summon that you can slot in most of your grids, especially in the rainbow meta.
  • Garuda: The mirror image Garuda provides is great, and can be a lifesaver in many instances. Unfortunately, the MLB effect is rather disappointing (DA down to enemies), so stoning Garuda will only make it a better stats stick.
  • Tezca: Unlike the other main element 120% summons, Tezca is the only one that is useable in any circumstances so long as you have the required team comp. So if you’re playing earth, he’s pretty much a no-brainer. His summon call is very nice as it provides a 20% def down (the same as odin) and a chance for a powerful earth echo buff for one turn on your team, which makes him still an okay option to use in non earth summon grids.
  • Baal: A good utility summon that provides a clear, which can be useful for some raids that have effects that ignore veil, and always good to have in general when you can’t pack a veil or a clear. His MLB effect isn’t really great though, so much like Garuda you’d be only stoning him for having a better stats stick.
  • Macula: An okay summon for water magna, but the interest lies in the break lock effect, which is extremely useful against all raids in general. The MLB effect isn’t too bad either as it will grant 10% ougi generation to your team, which can be pretty useful if you’re using Korwa or meter hungry characters in general.
  • Morrigna: The wind SSR carb that grants 60% wind atk and 60% earth damage cut at MLB. A few reasons why Morrigna has a slightly higher priority over other SSR carb: even though wind has access to free wind SR carbuncles, the downside is that those have really low stats (lower than regular gacha carbuncles), and slotting them really reduces wind HP pool (which is already not extremely high since guns grant the lowest HP out of all the other weapons). Secondly, wind is the only element stuck nearly permanently with a 80% elemental summon, and as a result wind atk up buffs have a higher value. Hence why a MLB morrigna can help to solve both of those issues.
  • Nezha: A two in one summon that has pretty high stats and a pretty good offensive call: 30% fire and wind attack up coupled with a 20% fire resistance up for three turns. A decent alternative for a carbuncle, but also a pretty interesting wind main summon as you’ll be able to get 25% additional HP in an element that generally suffers from relatively low max HP (though finding tia support can be annoying at times). As a main fire aura he’s strictly inferior to Athena, but it’s better than nothing.

Low priority:

  • Bonito: The water 120% summon, which is definitely useable for normal content as water, but extremely unpractical for HL raids as you’ll nearly always need to bring carbuncles and damage cuts, which greatly reduces the aura effect. The call effect isn’t too bad though as DA/TA down is still good in raids.
  • SSR Carbuncles (Hector / Ca Ong / Prometheus / Gilgamesh / Anubis): They will replace both an offensive and defensive carbuncle, allowing you to slot in more utility summons and granting you better stats. Note that if you want to use Bonito as your main aura summon for water, having Ca Ong (or even several ones) is the only way to justify bringing it in fire HL raids.
  • Zephyrus*: The least desirable primal, as its only relevant grid is pretty meme-worthy (generally uses a few Garuda bows and Joyeuse) and deals less damage than its magna counterpart. As future content gets released maybe we’ll be able to find raids where the Garrison ability shines, but until then the only use of Zephyrus is his dispel call (which is still pretty useful).
  • Medusa: If you need a break lock summon, you’d rather stone Macula. If you want an earth elemental summon, you’d rather get a Tezca. If you have neither of them… Well, you could always stone Medusa. Her MLB effect is rather disappointing (debuff resistance up), but at the very least you’ll have a useable earth elemental summon.
  • Sethlans: Better than athena at 3*, but always worse than Shiva, Sethlans is kinda in a weird spot where you could just friend Shiva users instead with a colo main summon. He might still be okay if you want to get some Agni friends, although now that Shiva exists there’s no real reason for an Agni player to want a Sethlan friend over a Shiva friend…
  • Setekh: Only as good as Anat when fully upgraded, Setekh shines mainly in multi target fights where he will grant 100%/120% wind attack against 2-3 targets. Quite a few relevant earth raids do have several targets, whether it is Yugu HL, Medusa or more recently Xeno Vohu. Only if for the dedicated windmemers.

Garuda Raid Gbf Quest

Jul 3rd, 2017
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Garuda Raid Gbf Wiki

  1. More Bonito-types Soon™: Following Shine Hawk Garuda's addition as the second of its kind in wind
  2. Final Limit Breaks Soon™: Sethlans, Bonito, Tezcatlipoca, Setekh, Aphrodite, Nacht
  3. Raising ougi damage cap by end of July: Also raising damage cap for Break/Overdrive Assassin as well as ougi damage for certain characters
  4. Renewed SSR Carbuncle 6-person HL Battles
  5. - No longer will require respective summons to be limit broken to fight.
  6. - All six battles will drop a new weapon that can also be traded for with materials at Siero's shop (next tier of flamglass and friends)
  7. Party/Support Summon Element Memory: Feature planned to remember the selected party for a given raid quest.
  8. Arcarum Soon™???: New enemies and music
  9. Xeno Vohu Rerun July 18: Increased drop rate for Hell/Nightmare material (book) in the hell/NM battle itself
  10. Only 5 Elements to have their Xenos before end of year
  11. Ultimate Bahamut
  12. - 2 difficulties: Normal (casual babby bahamut) and Hard (BRACE YOURSELF)
  13. - Raid will unlock on a new island coming with this month's main story quest update
  14. - Raid will drop materials to newly upgrade weapons with, more detail to come on Granblue Channelru on July 10
  15. 4 New Rose Queen Weapons: Bow, Harp, Axe, Fist to be added alongside Ultimate Bahamut
  16. Next Guild Wars in August: Due to add additional valor badges for losing in tier A and both winning and losing in tier B
  17. New Zenith Passives:
  18. SSR: Aliza, Percival, Fire Beatrix, Water Narumea, Hallesena, Korwa, light Zoi, summer Heles, dark Jeanne, summer Zoi
  19. SR: Anna, Naoise, Sig, summer Kumuyu, Pengy, Galador, Jasmine, Sara, J.J., earth Jin, Minigobu, wind Farah/Jin, Ferri
  20. Eugen Casino Skin
  21. Sky Compass App Updates
  22. - Gran/Djeeta Available for Home Page Customization

Garuda Raid Gbf Bis