5 – In root of your GTA V folder create new folder and name if “mods” (lower case) 6 – Now you have to copy RPF archives into “mods” folder. For example, if you want to modify “Grand Theft Auto Vupdateupdate.rpf” you need to copy it like “Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.rpf”. It is a part of the new GTA V update 1.33 which is available to download for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The file size of this new update is roughly 4 GB across all three of these platforms. Rockstar Games has no official detailed patch notes available as of yet but we do know some of the new content that has been confirmed to be a part of this update. GTA 5 Cheats Featured Files See All. 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300CE AMG 6.0 'Hammer' 2-Pack Add-On / Replace FiveM LODs 1.1. By Mrjappie241 Signs & Barricades Pack. By PNWParksFan 2021 BMW M4 Competition Add-On Template 1.0.

The latest version of OpenIV and OpenIV.ASI provide support for mods folder that can be very useful in the following cases:

  • You have DVD or Rockstar Games Warehouse version of GTA V and every time you edit files Launcher download original files back;
  • You want to have original GTA V files unmodified;
  • You want to have fast way to switch between original and modified files.

Required software:

  • OpenIV (2.6.3 or newer)
  • OpenIV.ASI (1.1 or newer)
  • GTA V ASI LOADER (build “May 2 2015” or newer)

1 – Download and install OpenIV. Configure it to work with your copy of GTAV.
2 – Navigate to ASI Manager using menu “Tools” > “ASI Manager” or “ASI Manager” button on tool bar.

Through ASI Manager, you can install, update or remove ASI Loader and OpenIV ASI plugins.
3 – Install ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI

Gta 5 Update Files

4 – Gta 5 Update FileOpen your GTA V folder in File Explorer; you can do it fast in OpenIV
File5 – In root of your GTA V folder create new folder and name if mods (lower case)
File6 – Now you have to copy RPF archives into modsGta 5 Update File

Gta 5 Update File Download

folder. For example, if you want to modify Grand Theft Auto Vupdateupdate.rpf you need to copy it like Grand Theft Auto Vmodsupdateupdate.rpf.
The following table is explain how you need to copy archives to mods folder. The path to RPF archive in mods folder must be the same as in real GTA Vfolder, here is some examples:

Gta 5 Update.rpf Files Download

Grand Theft Auto V – Original archive pathPath in “mods” folder

Gta 5 Game File Download

7 – From this point if you want to install mod or edit some file you need to do it in archive from mods folder.

Gta 5 Update File Download


Now all your mods will be in separated folder, and original files will stay not modified.
If you want to switch back to original files just go to ASI Manager and remove OpenIV.ASI. In addition, you can remove ASI Loader to disable all ASI plugins that you have installed.
You can use ASI Manager any time to switch between mods and original game. You no need to remove mods folder every time.