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The P90X Nutrition Plan can be overwhelming at first sight, which is exactly why we created this P90X Nutrition Plan Explained guide. Just take one bite at a time—start with the introduction video below and then move through the other items. Do You Feel Like There’s Too Much Food on P90X? I frequently hear from people that there’s too much food on P90X. This comment usually comes from those who want to lose about 30 to 50 pounds and they’re worried that consuming in the neighborhood of 3,000 calories each.

P90x, official name Power 90 Extreme, is a home workout program which has gained fame for its high intensity. The program takes 90 days to complete and is comprised of several components including calisthenics, yoga, martial arts, and weight training.

In addition the program has a periodization, dietary and nutrition plan.

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How the P90x Program Works

P90x is a rigorous program and consists of a lot of different exercises. Aside from those already mentioned the regimen includes lots of stretching, plyometrics, yoga, cardio and strength training. Because of the nature of the workout, the package includes a calendar for scheduling, a detailed fitness plan, the aforementioned nutrition guide and DVDs that demonstrate the techniques and methods used.

The models in the DVDs don’t just demonstrate the moves but they do so at different intensity levels so beginners can get a better grasp. Before you can start the actual program you’re going to have to pass the fitness test. This feature is a requirement and something you need to do. If you pass the test it means you’re ready for the real thing.

The P90x Workout in Detail

The nutrition component of P90X - a 90-day fitness and diet program - changes based on the demands of the three phases of the workout. This is so that the foods you eat continue to meet your nutrition needs as the workouts become more challenging with each phase; however, you can follow any phase of the nutritional program based on your own nutritional level. Publications International, Ltd. One major drawback to this diet is the cost. To receive in-depth information about the diet, you need to order the P90X workout package, which costs $120 for the 90-day program. This doesn't include the additional costs.

The majority of the workouts take less than 60 minutes to complete, but some of them like the Ab Ripper X is done thrice weekly. During the entire workout program your chest, back, arms and shoulders are given full workouts as well as the legs and back. Unlike other programs, the workouts vary so monotony doesn’t creep in, one of the most common problems with workout programs.

The P90x regimen lasts for 13 weeks, and the cycle requires you to work out six days a week. There are three rotations in the program termed classic, lean and doubles, respectively, and you select one of these and proceed with the program. There are a dozen DVD exercises included and each one focuses on specific muscle groups.

Nutrition Program

The P90x program comes with a detailed nutrition guide which is designed to complement the workouts. There are three phases to the nutrition program, with the first phase focusing on lowering carbohydrates and increasing protein intake. The second phase places emphasis on increasing the carbohydrate percentage, and the third phase will increase the percentage even more.

Historical Background

The P90x system was created by a group of people including Tony Horton, Mason Bendewald, a workout video director, Creative Director Ned Farr, nutritionist Carrie Wyatt, Beachbody Fitness Advisor Steve Edwards and Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody.

The program began in 2002 when Daikeler asked Horton to develop a fitness regimen for people who are already in shape. To begin the process, Daikeler enlisted the aid of Ned Farr to document its development. The creation of P90x took more than two years and Horton spent a lot of time consulting different health and fitness experts before settling on the 12 disciplines that make up P90x.

Following its development, the program underwent numerous 90 day test trials with different groups. Everything that was happening at this point was being documented by Farr and uploaded on Beachbody’s website. The program was officially released in 2004 and part of the promotion included use of the documented footage.

Success and Sequels


P90x proved to be a big hit and remains one of Beachbody’s biggest sellers. Part of the reason for its success is word of mouth, as reviews of the product have been positive. In 2010, sales of P90x reached more than $210 million, half of Beachbody’s total revenue for that year. As of 2012 total revenues from P90x has reached more than $500 million, and because of its success, numerous sequels have been released. These include P90x2, a 90 day workout program that concentrates on sports science and building up the muscles. Rather than focusing on one muscle group it relies on muscle resistance.

Other Features of the P90x Program

How Much Does P90x Diet Cost Plan

The P90x program DVD package includes an introductory video, and it’s recommended that first time users watch it so they know what to expect. This video will also explain some of the moves that you’ll have to do and since they’re not the type usually done inn gym workouts, an introduction is in order. Many of the exercises will also be easier to perform if you do some stretching first. This will actually be necessary if you’ve been living a sedate lifestyle and not done much workouts lately.

How Much Does P90x Diet Cost Work

There are a lot of benefits in this system, including losing weight and cross training. Cross training is particularly efficient here as your body becomes exposed to basic cardio, yoga, boxing and some elements of martial arts as well. Because the routines vary you won’t get bored, and because of the way the workouts are structured, you don’t get pushed to the point of total exhaustion. You get a good workout, but it’s not extreme.

How Much Does P90x Diet Cost For A

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