The iPod (from Apple Inc.) and the Zune (from Microsoft) are both sleek, portable digital music players. While Microsoft had originally introduced a 30GB Zune, they announced a new slate of Zunes on Oct 2, 2007 including $150 4GB and $200 8GB flash-based players, and a $250 80GB model that's slimmer than the original Zune. Wall Street Journal (dead link) concludes that this first Zune has too many compromises and missing features to be as good a choice as the iPod for most users. The hardware feels rushed and incomplete. It is 60% larger and 17% heavier than the comparable iPod. It has much worse battery life for music than the iPod or than Microsoft claims — at least two hours less than the iPod’s, in my tests.


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Ipod Vs Zune Comparison

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Zune versus iPod comparison chart
  • current rating is 3.49/5
(364 ratings)
Price$150 (4GB), $200 (8GB), $250 (80GB), $249 (30GB when introduced).Shuffle-$49, Nano-$129-$149, iPod classic $249, iPod Touch - $199-$399
OS CompatibilityPCMAC, PC
ColorsWhite, Black, Brown (discontinued), Baby PinkShuffle & Nano-Grey, Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, Red (Nano only), iPod and U2- White, Black
Other productsZune HD (discontinued)Shuffle, Nano, iPod, U2 iPod
Audio Formatmp3, mp4, aac, wmamp4, wav, mp3, aac, m4a (iTunes protected), Apple Lossless
Photo Formatjpegjpeg, bmp
Video Formatwmv, mpeg-4 , h.264 , divx(with hack)mpeg-4, h.264, m4v (iTunes protected)
Battery Life14hrsShuffle-12hrs , Nano-24hrs , U2&iPod- 14hrs
FM RadioYesNo
Unit sold (H1 2007)1.2 million20.35 million
DisplayZune has a color OLED displayiPod classic has a colour LCD with LED backlight and iPod Touch has a 3.5-inch widescreen Multi-Touch display.
WirelessYes, 802.11n network onlyTouch is the only iPod with a built-in wireless connection to the web.