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World's First Review: Ithaca Turkeyslayer 12 Gauge Shotgun

Ithaca Turkey Slayer 20 Gauge For Sale

Ithaca Gun Company M37 Turkey Slayer 12 Gauge Shotgun 24 Inch Barrel Rear Sights With Base 4+1 Rounds Black Synthetic Stock TKY1224S THE ITEM SHOWN ABOVE IS CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER. Ithaca Gun Company Ithaca 37 Deer Slayer II 12 Gauge Shotgun 24' Barrel Front/Rear Fiber Optic Sight Walnut Stock DS2371224BA. Not to worry with the Ithaca Turkey Slayer®, you can take the shot. Available in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge, the Turkey Slayer® bar  To place an order or get additional information, please call 740-361-1767.- You spend hours sitting and calling that first Tom on. Not to worry with the Ithaca Turkey Slayer 20 gauge, you can take the shot. The barrel is fixed to the receiver to create outstanding accuracy.

By Randy Wakeman

Photo by Randy Wakeman.

IthacaGun Company of Upper Sandusky, Ohio (http://www.ithacagun.com/) set out to combine their new ultra-tough “Perma Guard” nitriding system with aproduction 50 yard turkey gun. The new Ithaca Turkeyslayer is the result.Ithaca's proprietary process, Ithaca Perma Guard, is very thin and addressesboth corrosion resistance and wear resistance that conventional metaltreatments cannot approach. By being very thin and even in its application, itdoes not affect the precise tolerances that the current Ithaca Gun Company isbringing to firearms manufacture. While metal corrosion resistance and wearresistance was Ithaca's goal, they had a very pleasant surprise in theirtesting. Far from interfering with function, Ithaca discovered that stick-slipwas essentially eliminated and the Ithaca Perma-Guard made their super-slick,super-smooth actions even quicker and smoother. This offers the consumerbuttery smooth, “shot-in” performance right out of the box. All this,with none of the problems found in various comparatively uneven, fragile, camodippingor ridiculously cheap, ground up garbage can lid plasticy attempts youmay have seen. Ithaca Perma Guard has been shown to withstand 90 hours of saltspray. Essentially the entire Turkeyslayer shotgun is Perma-Guard treated.

TheIthaca Turkeyslayer 12 gauge weighs right at seven pounds on the nose. Wecouldn't help but notice how blazingly fast it is to shoulder and how slick andsmooth the action was right out of the box. The Turkeyslayer used the precisionmachined, ultra rigid fixed barrel assembly as employed on the Deerslayermodels as well as their highly-rated HD shotgun.


TheTurkeyslayer's barrel has an inside diameter of .729 inches as measured with mySkeet's bore gauges. The choke supplied is ported and extended, having an exitdiameter of .675 inches, giving the Turkeyslayer an aggressive constriction offifty-four thousandths of an inch. My understanding is that this Ithaca “TurkeyChoke” was co-developed by Ithaca and Briley, with the goal of having asversatile and forgiving of a turkey choke as possible.

Asidefrom the buttery-smooth action, we noticed the sling studs right away. One isattached to the buttstock, the other permanently attached to the barrel itselfto make the addition of a sling effortless with no parts added or taken away.The Ithaca's heavy trigger broke at just over five pounds, but has a glass-rodbreak feel to it. So far, so good.

The sights of the Ithaca are of thefiber optic variety, ramp on the barrel and red pipe at the muzzle. I'm happyto report that Ithaca got this right, putting the pair of green dots on theramp closest to the eye and the red on the fixture near the muzzle. I liked thesights. They are, of course, adjustable for windage and elevation so you havethe advantage of being able to move your pattern's point of impact if required.In addition, the Ithaca Turkey slayer is drilled and tapped for scope bases.The one-piece scope base, a Weaver #62, is included, so you can add a red dotor scope without hassle.

Off to the range with our patterning board set up at 42.5yards. We were glad to have the ability to move patterns, as many shotguns tendto shoot a bit high. In this case, no adjustments were required, as the Ithacashot right on just as supplied. We shot a very broad spectrum of shells. Afterthe dust settled, it wasn't hard to pick our winner.

Ithaca Turkey Slayer 20 Gauge

Though the Ithaca has three inch chambers, we liked the2-3/4 inch Winchester 1-1/2 oz. Xtended Range HD load of #5 shot. Wherecopper-plated and nickel-plated lead didn't even begin to penetrate the 3 ply,3/16ths thick plywood we were shooting into, the Winchester HD stuff blew rightthrough, blowing our patterning board to bits in the process. It is a superbshell, having less pellets, payload and recoil than 1-3/4 oz.lead loads.However, it produced better patterns with strikingly superior penetration. Lessrecoil was a bonus. In fact, though the Winchester 12 gauge HD loads havealways given us good results, the Turkeyslayer gave us the best patterns withthis shell that we have seen.

Ithaca Turkey SlayerIthaca Turkey Slayer

Weappreciated the fiber optic sights more with each shot. Not only did they giveuse fast and precise target acquisition, your face is held in a more uprightposition, so there is zero face slap. The Ithaca comes with a generic recoilpad. We would like to see a Limbsaver as standard equipment, but we were forcedto admit that recoil was not an issue, even from the bench, with the WinchesterHD loads.

Thisbrings up a matter of versatility. Personally, I think Ithaca should include acylinder choke along with a light modified. The basis is that this gun has farmore utility than turkey hunting alone. With its fast handling and instanttarget acquisition, it is a competent home defense gun with buckshot and acylinder choke. For those who typically deer hunt in thick cover and arerequired by law to use a shotgun, with the appropriate slugs you are good to goas a short range deer gun. All this, with an ammunition and choke change. Therugged durability of the all-steel action, standard five shot capacity, PermaGuard finish and the sight / scope versatility make this shotgun a firearm, ifnot for all seasons, for quite a few of them.

Perhaps the biggest compliment Ican pay to a reviewed firearm is to take it hunting out of state. That'sexactly where the Ithaca Turkeyslayer is going in a few weeks, turkey hunting.For more info on this $699 retail price shotgun, see your local Ithaca dealer.It is a reliable, smooth working, fifty yard “slay anything” shotgun that is maderight and made in the USA.

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