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Additional Information on Mahabharat Serial #1. England में इस धारावाहिक का प्रसारण बीबीसी द्वारा किया गया था जहां इसकी दर्शक संख्या 50 लाख के आँकड़े को भी पार कर गई, जो दोपहर के समय.

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Created bySiddharth Kumar Tewary
Based onMahabharat
by Vyasa
Written bySharmin Joseph
Radhika Anand
Anand Vardhan
Mihir Bhuta
Siddharth Kumar Tewary
Directed bySiddharth Anand Kumar
Amarprith G
Mukesh Kumar Singh
Kamal Monga
Loknath Pandey
Creative director(s)Amol surve
StarringSaurabh Raj Jain
Pooja Sharma
Shaheer Sheikh
Aham Sharma
Narrated bySaurabh Raj Jain
Ismail Darbar
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes267[1]
Producer(s)Siddharth Kumar Tewary
Gayatri Gil Tewary
Rahul Kumar Tewary
Production location(s)Umbergaon, Gujarat
Editor(s)Paresh Shah
Camera setupmulti camera
Production company(s)Swastik Productions
DistributorStar India
Original networkStarPlus
Picture format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Original release22 September 2013 –
16 August 2014
External links
Production website

Mahabharat is an Indian mythological[2] series based on the ancient Indian Sanskrit epic Mahabharat.[3][4][5][6][7] It aired from 16 September 2013 to 16 August 2014 on Star Plus.

It was produced by Swastik Productions Pvt. Ltd starring Saurabh Raj Jain as Shri Krishna, Shaheer Sheikh as Arjun, Pooja Sharma as Draupadi, Aham Sharma as Karna, Arav Chowdhary as Bhishma, Arpit Ranka as Duryodhan.

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  • 4Reception and impact


Mahabharat presents the story of Hastinapur, a kingdom ruled by the Kuru clan where the Kaurav and the Pandav brothers compete for its throne. Yudhistir, the eldest Pandav, and Duryodhan, the eldest Kaurav claim to be the next in the line of succession.The Pandavs are the sons of Pandu while Kauravs are the sons of Dhritrashtra.

The story begins with Devavrata, the son of Shantanu and Ganga a disciple of Parshuram. He earns the name Bhisma by swearing an oath of celibacy in order to fulfill his father’s wish to marry Satyavati. He also vows serve the throne of Hastinapur and is granted the boon of icchya-mrityu (the ability to live as long as he does not choose to die). Thus, Bhisma gives up his rightful throne and Satyavati rules the kingdom as the ‘Rajmaata’ (Mother of the King) after her husband’s death. Her son, Vichitravirya, an alcoholic and heavily dependent on Bhisma, cannot rule the kingdom, leading Satyavati to decide that Vichitravirya’s future son must rule the kingdom. As Vichitravirya is incapable of choosing a wife for himself, Bhisma has to do so.

The three princesses of the Salva Kingdom, Amba, Ambika and Ambalika are won over by Bhisma, who takes them to Hastinapur to be married to Vichitravirya. However, Amba had already chosen a groom and demands to be released. She returns to her lover but is spurned for being the rejected wife of another man. Vichitravirya then marries Ambika and Ambalika.

When Amba demands justice, she is given the choice to marry Vichitravirya and become the queen of Hastinapur. Instead, she requests that Bhisma marry her as it was he who won her. However, Bhisma refuses, due to his oath of celibacy, resulting in Amba’s anger. Therefore, Lord Shiva grants Amba the boon of rebirth with a memory of the past and the fate to cause Bhisma’s death. Reborn as Shikandi in the Panchal Kingdom, she partakes in Bhisma’s death and fulfills the boon.

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In Kuntibhoj, Princess Kunti obtains a boon from the sage Durvasa whereby she may invoke any deity and bear his child. Out of curiosity, she tests the boon, calling upon the Sun God and is granted a son named Karna. However, Kunti, as an unmarried woman, sets Karna afloat on the river Ganga to avoid embarrassment. She later marries Pandu, son of Vichitravirya and invokes other deities to give her three sons, Yudhistir, Bhim and Arjun. Karna’s true identity is never revealed until the end of the Kurukshetra War. Karna, a skilled archer and belonging to a lower caste, was often mistreated as he was raised by Adirath, a charioteer, and his wife, Radha. Duryodhan, the Pandhavs’ mortal enemy is the only one to ever support Karna and thus, Karna vows to always protect Duryodhan and fights on his behalf during the Kurukshetra War.

Bhisma asks for Gandhari’s hand in marriage for his blind nephew Dhritarashtra, resulting in her brother Shakuni’s fury. Bhisma persuades him as Dhritrashtra would be the future king of Hastinapur. However, during the coronation ceremony, Dhritrashtra’s younger brother Pandu is crowned king due to the influence of Vidur, another of Dhritrashtra’s younger brothers. Shakuni, feeling cheated, swears to destroy the Kuru race. He poisons the mind of Duryodhan against the Pandavs and sows the seeds for the Kurukshetra War where Shri Krishna imparts the Bhagavad Gita to his Pandav cousin Arjun. The war results in the deaths of many, including Bhisma, Karna and all the sons of Dhritrashtra and Gandhari.



Saurabh Raj JainKrishna/VishnuRukmini’s husband, Pandava's cousin
Aarav ChowdharyBhishmaShantanu and Ganga’s son. Grandsire of Pandavas and Kauravas
Thakur Anoop SinghDhritarashtraGhandhari’s husband, father of the Kaurav's and King of Hastinapur
Riya DeepsiGandhariDhritarashtra’s wife, Shakuni's sister and mother of the Kauravas
Shafaq NaazKuntiPandu’s wife, mother of Pandavas and Karna
Rohit BharadwajYudhisthirFirst Pandava, Son of Kunti and Dharma. Husband of Draupadi and Devika
Saurav GurjarBheemaSecond Pandava, Son of Kunti and Vayu, husband of Draupadi, Hidimba and Valanthara
Shaheer SheikhArjunaThird Pandava, Son of Indra and Kunti, husband of Draupadi, Subhadra, Uloopi and Chitrangadha
Vin RanaNakulaFourth Pandava, Son of Madri and Ashwini Kumar, husband of Draupadi and Karenumati
Lavanya BhardwajSahadevaFifth Pandava, Son of Madri and Ashwini Kumar, husband of Draupadi and Vijaya
Pooja SharmaDraupadiCommon wife of the Pandas, princess of Panchala and daughter of King Drupada
Arpit RankaDuryodhanaEldest Kaurava, Bhanumati's husband and Karna's friend
Nirbhay WadhwaDushasanaDuryodhana’s brother, 2nd Kaurava
Aham SharmaKarnaSon of Kunti and Surya, elder brother of Pandavas, King of Anga, Duryodhana's friend and Vrushali's husband
Praneet BhatShakuniGandhari’s brother and King of Gandhara


Mahabharat serial star plus
  • Atul Mishra as Ved Vyas
  • Akhilendra Mishra as Kansa
  • Kunwar Vikram Soni as Krishna
  • Tarun Khanna as Balram, Krishna’s elder brother
  • Preeti Puri Choudhary as Devaki, Balram and Krishna’s birth mother
  • Vandana Singh as Yashoda, Balram and Krishna’s foster mother
  • Pallavi Subhash as Rukmini, Krishna’s wife
  • Gurpreet Singh as Prince Rukmi, Rukmini’s brother
  • Ketki Kadam as Radha, Krishna’s lover
  • Sameer Dharmadhikari as Shantanu, Ganga and Satyavati’s husband
  • Vivana Singh as Ganga, Shantanu’s wife and Bhishma’s mother
  • Sayantani Ghosh as Satyavati, Shantanu’s wife
  • Aryamann Seth as Vichitravirya, Ambika and Ambalika’s husband
  • Ratan Rajput as Amba, Princess of Kashi
  • Aparna Dixit as Ambika, Dhritarashtra’s mother
  • Mansi Sharma as Ambalika, Pandu’s mother
  • Arun Singh Rana as Pandu, Kunti and Madri’s husband
  • Suhani Dhanki as Madri, 2nd wife of Pandu, mother of Nakul and Sahadev
  • Kaushik Chakravorty as Shalya, Madri's brother
  • Naveen Jingar as Vidura, Mahamantri of Hastinapur, younger brother of Pandu and Dritarashtra
  • Nissar Khan as Dronacharya, Guru of Pandavas and Kauravas
  • Hemant Choudhary as Kripacharya
  • Chandani Sharma as Kripi
  • Ankit Mohan as Ashwatthama, Dronacharya’s son, Duryodhana's friend
  • Ajay Mishra as Sanjaya, Dhritarashtra’s aide
  • Ali Hassan as Takshak and Jayadratha
  • Garima Jain as Dushala, Duryodhan’s sister and Jaydrath’s wife
  • Nazea Hasan Sayed as Vrushali, Karan’s wife
  • Sudesh Berry as Dhrupad, Shikandini, Drishtadyun and Draupadi’s father
  • Shikha Singh as Shikhandini, Drupad’s 1st child, reincarnation of Amba
  • Karan Suchak as Dhrishtadyumna, Drupad’s 2nd child
  • Vibha Anand as Subhadra and Yogmaya, Arjun’s wife
  • Deepak Jethi as Virata
  • Paras Arora as Abhimanyu, Arjun and Subhadra’s son
  • Vaishnavi Dhanraj as Hidimbi, Bheem’s first wife and Ghatothkacha's mother
  • Ketan Karande as Ghatothkach, Bheem and Himdimbi’s son
  • Richa Mukherjee as Uttara, Abhimanyu’s wife
  • Pravisht Mishra as Uttar, Uttara’s brother
  • Puneet Issar as Parshurama, Guru of Bhishma, Drona and Karna
  • Raj Premi as Kalayavan
  • Rio Kapadia as Subala
  • Sandeep Arora as Vikarna, Duryodhan’s brother
  • Shweta Gautam as Sudharma
  • Siddhant Gautam as Ekalavya
  • Tinu Verma as Jarasandha
  • Joy Mathur as Shishupala
  • Rumi Khan as Kichaka
  • Vidyut Xavier as young Karna
  • Alam Khan as young Duryodhan
  • Ashnoor Kaur as young Dushala
  • Kunal Bhatia as Agni
  • Mohit Raina as Shiva
  • Nikhil Arya/Sachin Verma as Indra
  • Ananya Agarwal as Malini
  • Anju Jadhav as Sukhada
  • Jayantika Sengupta as Arshi
  • Kanishka Soni as Parashvi

Production and promotion[edit]

Star spent 100 crore (US$14 million) on the project and spent another 20 crore (US$2.9 million) on marketing the show, making it India's most expensive TV series of its time. Its record of being India's most expensive TV show was later broken by Swastik Pictures' Porus.[8]

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According to producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary, the Draupadi cheer haran (disrobing) sequence,[9] which Tewary himself directed, took 20 days to shoot.[10]

Reception and impact[edit]


Writing for Rediff, Nishi Tiwari wrote that 'If it maintains the quality of writing and able actors who portray key characters, we may have another winner among us'.[11] DNA praised the costumes, scenery, Krishna's flute theme which was given by Raj Mohan Sinha,[12] and most of the CGI special effects, but said the story pace was too fast.[13]

Awards and accolades[edit]

It won the trophy for the Best Drama in Star Guild Awards 2013 as well as number of accolades in other award shows.[14] It won the Indian Telly Awards for Actor in a Supporting Role (Drama), given to Aham Sharma for his portrayal as Karna, and Actor in a Negative Role to Praneet Bhat in 2014. The crew members also won the awards for Best Costumes for a TV Programme, Best Make – Up Artist, and Best Stylist.[15] It has been dubbed to other languages including Bengali, Marathi, Oriya, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.[16]


Its premiere had a viewership of approximately 8.4 million people.[17] The show has become the highest rated weekday mythological epic show in the last three years on Indian television.[18] The viewership ratings of the week of 1 December 2013 reached 9,801 TVTs. The game of dice leading to Draupadi's 'cheer haran' took Mahabharat at its peak viewership(10TVTs.4 TVM) and helped the broadcasting channel Star Plus clock the highest GTVMs ever achieved by any channel in Indian Television History.[19]

Other countries[edit]

In Indonesia, the drama was broadcast on antv dubbed in Indonesian in March 2014. The casts of Mahabharat were invited to hold a fan meeting tour at Jakarta and Bali. The Times of India reported in 2014 that the show has a huge fan following abroad and as result, the prominent characters from the show had been called to Indonesia for a special event.[20] The main casts of Mahabharat, performed on 'Mahabharat Show: Fan Meeting Tour' in the year 2014 .[21][22][23][24][25][26][27] As from 6 December 2015, the show starts airing in its original version and subtitled in English on MBC Digital 4 every Sunday in Mauritius. In Thailand, the drama was broadcast on Channel 5 dubbed in Thai starting January 2, 2016.[28] In Myanmar,it has been dubbed in Burma as မဟာဘာရတ and telecasted Everyday at 8:30 pm on Sky Net World Drama Channel.[citation needed]


2014Star Guild AwardsBest Ensemble CastSidharth Kumar TewaryWon
Best Mythological SeriesSwasthik Picture
Indian Television Academy AwardsBest Visual EffectsSwasthik Picture
Best Historical/Mythological SerialMahabharat
Indian Telly Award
Best Costumes for a TV ProgramBhanu Athaiya
Best Makeup ArtistG. A. Jamesh
Best EnsembleSidharth Kumar Tewary
Best Actor in a Negative RolePraneet Bhat
Best StylistShweta Korde
Best Actor in a Supporting RoleAham Sharma
Star Parivaar AwardsFavourite Naya Sadasya (Male)Shaheer Sheikh
Pehel Nayi Soch KiSaurabh Raj Jain and Pooja Sharma
Saathi Nayi Soch KaAham Sharma
Nayi SochSaurabh Raj Jain
Favourite KutumbMahabharat
2015Scroll of Honour

Mahabharat Serial All Episodes Star Plus Download


EpisodeMahabharat Serial Star Plus All Episodes
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  • Official Website on Hotstar
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Table of Contents

Mahabharat 2013 Episodes 001 to 050

  1. Episode 1 – Shantanu Accepts Bhishma As Son
  2. Episode 2 -Bhishma Saves Vichitravirya
  3. Episode 3 -Bhishma Defeats King Salva
  4. Episode 4 -Amba Orders Bhishma To Marry Her
  5. Episode 5 -Two Boys Are Born
  6. Episode 6 -Bhishma Has To Make A Choice
  7. Episode 7 -Amba Is Reborn As Shikhandini
  8. Episode 8 -A Marriage Proposal For Gandhari
  9. Episode 9 -King Subala Fears Shakuni
  10. Episode 10 -Shakuni Is Furious With Subala
  1. Episode 11 -Gandhari Takes An Oath
  2. Episode 12 -Dhritarashtra Marries Gandhari
  3. Episode 13 -Dhritarashtra Rejects Gandhari
  4. Episode 14 -Vidura The Voice Of Reason
  5. Episode 15 -Pandu Becomes King Of Hastinapur
  6. Episode 16 -Bhishma Advises Satyavati
  7. Episode 17 -Kunti Hides Her Past From Pandu
  8. Episode 18 -Vidura Welcomes Pandu And Kunti
  9. Episode 19 -Shakuni Provokes Dhritarashtra
  10. Episode 20 -Pandu Informs Kunti About The War
  1. Episode 21 -Pandu Marries Madri
  2. Episode 22 -Pandu Kills Maharishi Kindam
  3. Episode 23 -Pandu Steps Down From The Throne
  4. Episode 24 -Kunti Bears A Son
  5. Episode 25 -Gandharis Child Shocks Everyone
  6. Episode 26 -Kunti Gives Birth To Bheem
  7. Episode 27 -Gandharis First Child Is Named Duryodhan
  8. Episode 28 -Karna Impresses Bhishma
  9. Episode 29 -Shakuni Lies To Dhritarashtra
  10. Episode 30 -Satyavati Wants Pandu To Return
  1. Episode 31 -The Cursed Pandu
  2. Episode 32 -Who Will Be The Next King
  3. Episode 33 -Kunti Sons Arrive At Hastinapur
  4. Episode 34 -Duryodhan Against Bhishma
  5. Episode 35 -Training The Princes
  6. Episode 36 -Pandavas Kauravas Keep Fighting
  7. Episode 37 -Duryodhan Plans To Kill Bheem
  8. Episode 38 -Bheem Is Thrown Into A River
  9. Episode 39 -Kunti Is Delighted To See Bheem
  10. Episode 40 -Kunti To Shift To Kuntibhoj
  1. Episode 41 -Kunti Bids Farewell To Her Sons
  2. Episode 42 -Dronacharya Teaches Arjun The Art Of Archery
  3. Episode 43 -Dronacharya Teaches Arjun
  4. Episode 44 -Eklavya Gifts His Right Thumb
  5. Episode 45 -Arjun Saves Dronacharya
  6. Episode 46 -Karna Starts Learning Archery
  7. Episode 47 -Shakuni Provokes Ashwatthama
  8. Episode 48 -Pandavas Kauravas In A Contest
  9. Episode 49 -Duryodhan Defeats Nakul Sahdev
  10. Episode 50 -Shakuni Plots To Defeat Arjun

Mahabharat 2013 Episodes 051 to 100

  1. Episode 51 -Karna Becomes A King
  2. Episode 52 -Kunti Recognises Karna
  3. Episode 53 -Kunti Wants To Meet Karna
  4. Episode 54 -Karna Vows To Kill Arjun
  5. Episode 55 -Arjun Gets Angry At Karna
  6. Episode 56 -Arjun Apologises To Karna
  7. Episode 57 -Dhritarashtra To Name Successor
  8. Episode 58 -Dronacharya Makes A Demand
  9. Episode 59 -Arjun Makes A Promise To His Guru
  10. Episode 60 -The War Against Drupad
  1. Episode 61 -Drupad Imprisons The Kauravas
  2. Episode 62 -Arjun Imprisons Drupad
  3. Episode 63 -Ashwatthama Is King Of Panchal
  4. Episode 64 -Duryodhan Threatens Dhritarashtra
  5. Episode 65 -Dhritarashtra Makes A Decision
  6. Episode 66 -Yudhishthir Is King Of Hastinapur
  7. Episode 67 -Kalyawan Attacks Subhadra Arjun
  8. Episode 68 -Lord Krishna Saves Arjun
  9. Episode 69 -A Plan To Abduct Rukmini
  10. Episode 70 -Rukmi Refuses To Accept Krishna
  1. Episode 71 -Krishna Decides To Marry Rukmini
  2. Episode 72 -Marriage Plans For Dushyala
  3. Episode 73 -Duryodhans Plot Against Pandavas
  4. Episode 74 -The Pandavas Leave For Varnavat
  5. Episode 75 -Vidura Learns About Duryodhans Plan
  6. Episode 76 -Puja In Varnavat
  7. Episode 77 -Bhishma Leaves For Varnavat
  8. Episode 78 -Arjun Learns About The Plot
  9. Episode 79 -Kunti Learns Duryodhans Plan
  10. Episode 80 -The Pandavas Dig A Tunnel
  1. Episode 81 -The Pandavas Weapons
  2. Episode 82 -The Pandavas Live In The Forest
  3. Episode 83 -Drupad Is Blessed With A Son
  4. Episode 84 -Draupadi Emerges From The Fire
  5. Episode 85 -Draupadi Finds A Friend
  6. Episode 86 -Pandavas Enter Hidimbas Jungle
  7. Episode 87 -Dhrishtadyumna The Commander
  8. Episode 88 -Draupadi Is Exiled
  9. Episode 89 -Krishna Saves Drona
  10. Episode 90 -Hidimbi Plans To Trap Pandavas
  1. Episode 91 -Draupadi Returns To Kampilya
  2. Episode 92 -Draupadis Swayamvar
  3. Episode 93 -Bheem Becomes King Of The Demons
  4. Episode 94 -Bheem Marries Hidimba
  5. Episode 95 -Pandavas Leave Hidimbas Forest
  6. Episode 96 -Duryodhan Is King Of Hastinapur
  7. Episode 97 -Shelter In A Potters House
  8. Episode 98 -Draupadi Learns More About Arjun
  9. Episode 99 -Draupadis Swayamvar
  10. Episode 100 -Krishna Advises Karna

Mahabharat Star Plus Cast

Mahabharat 2013 Episodes 101 to 150

  1. Episode 101 -Karna At The Swayamvar
  2. Episode 102 -The Brahmins At The Swayamvar
  3. Episode 103 -Arjuns Perfect Aim
  4. Episode 104 -Shakuni Provokes The Kings
  5. Episode 105 -Bhishma Wants Pandavas Back
  6. Episode 106 -Draupadis Dilemma
  7. Episode 107 -Draupadi To Marry The Pandavas
  8. Episode 108 -Krishna Reveals Arjuns Identity
  9. Episode 109 -Drupad Welcomes The Pandavas
  10. Episode 110 -Draupadi Weds The Pandavas
  1. Episode 111 -Duryodhans Ashvamedha Yagna
  2. Episode 112 -Dhritarashtra Makes His Decision
  3. Episode 113 -Pandavas Arrive In Hastinapur
  4. Episode 114 -Bhishma Is Angry
  5. Episode 115 -Draupadi Proves Her Innocence
  6. Episode 116 -Punishment For Arjun
  7. Episode 117 -Duryodhan Provokes Dhritarashtra
  8. Episode 118 -Bhishmas Threat
  9. Episode 119 -Dhritarashtra Apologises
  10. Episode 120 -Khandavprastha Gets New King
  1. Episode 121 -The Pandavas Leave Hastinapur
  2. Episode 122 -People Follow The Pandavas
  3. Episode 123 -Takshak Attacks The Pandavas
  4. Episode 124 -Arjun Fights Indradev
  5. Episode 125 -Agnidev Blesses Arjun
  6. Episode 126 -People Leave Hastinapur
  7. Episode 127 -Dhritarashtra Punishes Kunti
  8. Episode 128 -Kuntis Message To The Pandavas
  9. Episode 129 -Takshak Steals The Pandavas Cows
  10. Episode 130 -Takshak Accepts His Defeat
  1. Episode 131 -Krishna Tricks Shakuni
  2. Episode 132 -Subhadra Wishes To Marry Arjun
  3. Episode 133 -Subhadra Abducts Arjun
  4. Episode 134 -Arjun And Subhadra Get Married
  5. Episode 135 -Arjun Subhadra In Indraprastha
  6. Episode 136 -Jarasandh Gets Duryodhan Arrested
  7. Episode 137 -Krishna Talks Of Jarasandh
  8. Episode 138 -Krishna Challenges Jarasandh
  9. Episode 139 -Bheem Kills Jarasandh
  10. Episode 140 -A Jealous Duryodhan
  1. Episode 141 -Duryodhan Woos Shishupal
  2. Episode 142 -Duryodhan Challenges Krishna
  3. Episode 143 -Duryodhan Tries To Commit Suicide
  4. Episode 144 -A Game Of Dice
  5. Episode 145 -The Pandavas Reach Hastinapur
  6. Episode 146 -Bhishma Announces The Rules
  7. Episode 147 -Duryodhan Wins The First Round
  8. Episode 148 -Yudhishthir Decides To Quit
  9. Episode 149 -Draupadi Is Angry
  10. Episode 150 -Yudhishthir Loses Arjun

Mahabharat 2013 Episodes 151 to 200

Mahabharat Serial Star Plus Full Episode 1 In Hindi

  1. Episode 151 -Yudhishthir Loses Himself
  2. Episode 152 -Yudhishthir Bets On Draupadi
  3. Episode 153 -Draupadi Is Humiliated
  4. Episode 154 -Draupadis Honour Attacked
  5. Episode 155 -The Disrobing Of Draupadi
  6. Episode 156 -Draupadi Curses The Kuru Family
  7. Episode 157 -The Pandavas Are Sent On Vanvaas
  8. Episode 158 -Yudhishthir Punishes Himself
  9. Episode 159 -The Pandavas Leave Hastinapur
  10. Episode 160 -The Pandavas Die

Mahabharat Serial Star Plus All Episodes Free Download

  1. Episode 161 -The Pandavas Disguise Themselves
  2. Episode 162 -Durvasa Visits Yudhishthir
  3. Episode 163 -Pandavas Head To Virats Kingdom
  4. Episode 164 -Jayadrath Kidnaps Draupadi
  5. Episode 165 -Duryodhan Looks For The Pandavas
  6. Episode 166 -Keechak Offends Sairandhri
  7. Episode 167 -Keechak Identifies Sairandhri
  8. Episode 168 -Bheem Kills Keechak
  9. Episode 169 -Arjun Gets Back His Gandiv
  10. Episode 170 -Bhishma Asks Arjun To End Fight
  1. Episode 171 -Pandavas Decide To Wage War
  2. Episode 172 -Bhishma Fights For Hastinapur
  3. Episode 173 -Abhimanyus Warrior Skills
  4. Episode 174 -Duryodhan Tries To Woo Balarama
  5. Episode 175 -Arjun Goes To Krishna
  6. Episode 176 -Arjun Wants Krishna On His Side
  7. Episode 177 -Draupadi Fixes A Date For The War
  8. Episode 178 -Jaimini Predicts The Future
  9. Episode 179 -Gandhari Advises Duryodhan
  10. Episode 180 -Draupadis Sons Seek Blessings
  1. Episode 181 -Draupadi Takes A Decision
  2. Episode 182 -Bhishma Guides Dhritarashtra
  3. Episode 183 -The Story Of Krishna
  4. Episode 184 -Lord Vishnu Is Born To Devaki
  5. Episode 185 -Vasudeva Leaves His Son With Nand
  6. Episode 186 -Nand Relocates To Vrindavan
  7. Episode 187 -Krishna Lifts The Govardhan Hill
  8. Episode 188 -Yashoda Learns About Devaki
  9. Episode 189 -Krishna Balarama Defeat Chanoor
  10. Episode 190 -Krishna Rescues His Parents
  1. Episode 191 -Krishna Becomes Pandavas Envoy
  2. Episode 192 -Duryodhan Rejects Krishnas Plans
  3. Episode 193 -Capture Of Krishna Ordered
  4. Episode 194 -Duryodhan Vows To Kill Krishna
  5. Episode 195 -Karna Learns About His Mother
  6. Episode 196 -Kunti Asks Karna For A Favour
  7. Episode 197 -Karna Goes Against The Pandavas
  8. Episode 198 -The Armies Gather
  9. Episode 199 -Shakuni Reads Out The Rules
  10. Episode 200 -Duryodhan Seeks Protection

Mahabharat Serial 2013 All Episodes

Mahabharat 2013 Episodes 201 to 250

  1. Episode 201 -Indradev Asks For Karnas Weapons
  2. Episode 202 -Karna Gives Away His Armour
  3. Episode 203 -Duryodhan Multiplies His Army
  4. Episode 204 -Nakul And Sahadev Treat Karna
  5. Episode 205 -Karna Is Asked Not To Fight
  6. Episode 206 -Krishna To Be Arjuns Charioteer
  7. Episode 207 -Pandavas Ordered To Wage War
  8. Episode 208 -Krishna Enlightens Arjun
  9. Episode 209 -Krishnas Lessons For Arjun
  10. Episode 210 -Arjun Learns About Karma Yoga
  1. Episode 211 -Arjuns Lesson In Bhakti Yoga
  2. Episode 212 -Pandavas Attack Kuru Army
  3. Episode 213 -Shakuni Plots Yudhishthirs Fall
  4. Episode 214 -The Attack On Yudhishthir
  5. Episode 215 -Pandavas Avenge Uttars Death
  6. Episode 216 -The Removal Of Bhishma
  7. Episode 217 -Bheem Provokes Duryodhan
  8. Episode 218 -Bhishma Takes Yudhishthir Hostage
  9. Episode 219 -Bhishma Accused Of Treachery
  10. Episode 220 -Bhishmas Resolve
  1. Episode 221 -Bhishma Surrenders To Krishna
  2. Episode 222 -Shikhandini Returns To Fight
  3. Episode 223 -Pandavas Look To Defeat Bhishma
  4. Episode 224 -Shakuni Stabs Shikhandini
  5. Episode 225 -Pandavas Fight Against Bhishma
  6. Episode 226 -Bhishma Rests On A Bed Of Arrows
  7. Episode 227 -Vidur Blames Dhritarashtra
  8. Episode 228 -Duryodhan Upsets Dronacharya
  9. Episode 229 -Dronacharya Denies Participation
  10. Episode 230 -Bheem Vows To Kill Duryodhan
  1. Episode 231 -Bheem Kills Duryodhans Brothers
  2. Episode 232 -Karna Decides To Kill Abhimanyu
  3. Episode 233 -Abhimanyu Survives Karnas Attack
  4. Episode 234 -Dronacharya Forms A Chakravyuha
  5. Episode 235 -Uttaras Pregnancy
  6. Episode 236 -Jayadrath Confronts The Pandavas
  7. Episode 237 -Shakuni Stabs Abhimanyu
  8. Episode 238 -Karna Stabs Abhimanyu To Death
  9. Episode 239 -Arjun Vows Revenge
  10. Episode 240 -Shakuni Plans A Night Attack
  1. Episode 241 -Ghatotkacha Creates Havoc
  2. Episode 242 -Karna Uses His Divine Weapon
  3. Episode 243 -The Killing Of Ashwatthama
  4. Episode 244 -Karna Spares Sahadevs Life
  5. Episode 245 -Dronacharya Beheaded
  6. Episode 246 -Karna Made Kuru Army Chief
  7. Episode 247 -Dushyasan Tries To Escape
  8. Episode 248 -Draupadis Humiliation Is Avenged
  9. Episode 249 -Duryodhans Wish
  10. Episode 250 -Takshak Decides To Help Karna

Mahabharat Serial Star Plus Episode Free Download

Mahabharat 2013 Episodes 251 to 267

  1. Episode 251 -Krishna Asks Arjun To Kill Karna
  2. Episode 252 -Karna Versus Arjun
  3. Episode 253 -Pandavas Discover Karnas Truth
  4. Episode 254 -Duryodhans Regret
  5. Episode 255 -Gandhari Decides To Use Her Boon
  6. Episode 256 -Gandhari Opens Her Eyes
  7. Episode 257 -Duryodhans Weak Parts
  8. Episode 258 -Duryodhan Vows Destruction
  9. Episode 259 -The Truth About Duryodhans Body
  10. Episode 260 -Sahadev Kills Shakuni
Mahabharat Serial Star Plus All Episodes

Mahabharat Serial Star Plus

  1. Episode 261 -Bheem Challenges Duryodhan
  2. Episode 262 -Duryodhans Weaknesses Targeted
  3. Episode 263 -Ashwatthama Kills Dhrishtadyumna
  4. Episode 264 -Ashwathama Decides To Kill Uttaras Unborn Baby
  5. Episode 265 -Ashwathamas Brahmastra
  6. Episode 266 -Dhritarashtra Decides To Kill Bheem
  7. Episode 267 -Gandhari Curses Krishna

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