• There is a map with the streets as well. You can also hear the directions if you need to listen to someone give details while you're driving. The app is easy to navigate and similar to other apps that feature maps on your Android. Streets are brightly colored to give you a better view as to where they are located in the city.
  • The Google Maps app for Android phones and tablets makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best spots in town and the information you need to get there. Google Maps is the most popular navigation apps around the world. Almost every android user gets this app per-installed in their smartphones. Maps from GoogleRead More.
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One of Google's most ambitious projects to date, Google Earth soars above the ground to view locations from the air. You can look at countries around the globe through images a satellite snapped. Google Earth's phenomenal 3D graphics technology shows you whatever part of the world you wish to see. Whether you want to glance at your own house or the beaches in Phuket, Thailand, Google Earth gives you pictures from across the globe.

Want to visualize the most symbolic places of important cities like New Delhi, Madrid, Paris and New York City? Clicking through the options of Google Earth, you will see everything you wanted and more. Probably one of the most useful functions, you can click the names of streets and roads to plan for your trips to specific regions of the world. As you search Google Earth, a list of the best restaurants materialize for solid planning. An essential application, Android devices usually have it installed automatically, and because of this app, you can travel to the most remote corners of the world without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

You can also click the Tour Guide feature to explore exciting areas, and Google Earth also integrates with Wikipedia for more information about the place. Visiting the Maps Gallery, you can learn about hiking trails, real-time earthquakes and planes taking flight. The technology takes an almost science fiction twist with how you no longer need to actually travel to countries to see them.

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Direct download. Alternative: Install Google Maps from Google Play Store. Google Maps 9.43.0 free download. Download MapQuest app for Android. MapQuest is your go-to app for free maps, GPS, voice navigation & live traffic.


  • View iconic cities from around the globe
  • Plan your trips with greater ease than ever before
  • Acquire a detailed list of close restaurants on your route
  • Find hiking trails and learn about flights


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  • Prone to crashes