Hi Tommy. It is a high probability you have a timing issue. You started with good basics for an engine requiring spark, fuel, and compression. I do not have direct experience with the Mac10-10auto. However, we can take what you have done with those three basics and move closer to a solution by taking each out to the next step for spark, fuel, and compression. You probably tried some of these already.

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Mcculloch 10 10 A Specs

  • Eager Beaver 2014, 2116, 2318, Mac 3200, 3516, 3818, Silver Eagle 2014.
  • Vintage Mcculloch 10 10 Chainsaw. Turns over freely, Missing bar side cover as per pictures. No chain or bar.

Mcculloch 10 10 Specs

The McCulloch 10-10 was cutting edge in 1977. The McCulloch Company built and sold the Pro-Mac 10-10 chainsaw from 1977 to 1982. McCulloch, based in Sante Fe Springs, California, builds lawn and garden equipment, as well as low-voltage outdoor lighting. Lawn and Garden readers have rated McCulloch Promac 10 10S Chainsaw Service Parts List 5.0 out of 5.0 based on 2 product reviews. Clayton showalter on Jan 25, 2018. Need a manual for a pro mac 10 -10 but I think this work for me if it don't work for me I will keep looking this is good website. McCulloch 6-10, 7-10, 10-10, 10-10A chain. Replacement loop of New 72EXL (.050) chainsaw chain for your McCulloch saw. For bars 16'-28'. Match drive link count of old.

Spark: You said it has a good spark Things that could still affect ignition that are spark related could be: Is it the right plug? Is the plug gaped to the correct specification? Is the plug torqued into the engine correctly? Is the plug firing at the correct time? You probably did the first three already. If you have a great spark, in good fuel, in a properly compressed environment, but with no ignition then the engine is probably not timed correctly. That spark has to occur when the piston is close to top dead center (all engines vary slightly). For example, if the piston is coming half way up on the compression stroke and there is weak ignition right then, the operator could easily misinterpret a weak ignition as good compression. Without knowing the specifics of the Mac10-10auto, I recommend you acquire a manual for this engine. For your engine's timing you probably have a key that keeps the flywheel correctly positioned with respect to the crankshaft. If the key, shaft, or flywheel become damaged where the three come together it will affect the timing. If the key is steel the damage will usually be to the flywheel. If the key is aluminum the damage will usually be to the key. Inspect the contact surfaces where the three come together for any sign of sheering damage. Even the slightest dent to the aluminum key can inhibit timing enough to prevent ignition. If damage is found, replace the damaged component or components. I saw the comment about using your electric drill. You also need to check for good spark while using the dill. Some drills, when used on some engines, do not rotate the engine fast enough to generate a spark. You also need to make sure you smell fuel/oil mix coming out the exhaust since it is not igniting. The fuel has to go somewhere and that should be out the exhaust port. If no fuel/oil mix is coming out the exhaust that means the engine is running dry, and you should stop drilling/spinning the engine until you fix the fuel problem. I use a drill often when checking old engines, it is a smart man's electric starter that works great.

Compression: You said you have good compression. Some saws work on as little as 40 psi, of pressure and some will not work if the pressure falls below 90 psi. So the issue is whether you have at least the minimum compression that your engine is designed to run with. To identify your engines exact compression you need to use a compression tester. You also need a manual or reference to identify the compression required. Once you know the compression required and if you do not have that much compression you may need to check for froze rings, damaged rings, damaged or scored cylinder walls, like Roger B recommends. Before you test for compression you need the correct fuel/oil mix in the engine. The fuel/oil mix you use will affect the engines compression. More oil in the mix gives you more compression.

Fuel: You probably did everything necessary here to get ignition. Is it the right fuel? Is it the right oil? Is the mix correct for that engine? Is the fuel/oil mix fresh? Is the fuel/oil mix getting to the compression cylinder in the right ratio to air (it needs a particular ratio of oxygen)? You mentioned you even tried pouring fuel into the cylinder. You probably took care of these already and we are only talking about ignition at this point and not sustained running. Sustained running could require much more than what is covered here, for example, gaskets, and carb adjustment/cleaning/rebuilding like Roger B., recommended. Caution: the use of starting fluid in a two cycle engine can easily and very quickly cause significant wear and damage to the engine. Engines ruined with starter fluid are called “Ether Baby” for a reason. The starting fluid almost immediately washes the engine of the oil that protects the rings, cylinder, rod, crank, bearings, and wrist-pin, and damage follows shortly. Additionally as the oil is washed/evaporated the compression drops dramatically even prior to ring, piston, and cylinder wear. It is possible you have not yet damaged the engine significantly because of the low rpm the engine is at during your starting attempts.

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Mcculloch 10 10 For Sale

The McCulloch MAC 10-10 bar plays an important part of cutting, it guides the chain to keep it moving straight and true in the direction of the cut so the chain can cut the wood properly. The bar is made of high quality super tough chrome-moly steel. The McCulloch MAC 10-10 bar rails are heat treated to provide superior wear and bar body strength. If the chain moves side to side inside the bar, the bar rails can become chipped, the bar can be bent, at which point the McCulloch MAC 10-10 bar will need to be replaced. We offer suitable replacement chainsaw bar parts for this exact model chainsaw below.

Suitable Replacement McCulloch MAC 10-10 Chainsaw Bar Parts

If the sprocket nose is broken or locked up, the bar needs to be replaced. The sole purpose of the bar is to guide the chain in the wood for a clean and straight cut.

Performance Parts Supply suitable replacement chainsaw bars meet or exceed OEM specifications for McCulloch MAC 10-10 replacement bars and they cost less than OEM bars while maintaining excellent quality and durability. Chainsaw bars should either be replaced or cleaned per manufacturers specifications that are located in your owners manual. You can quickly buy our suitable replacement McCulloch MAC 10-10 Chainsaw Bar parts for sale in our online store and get it shipped fast.

McCulloch MAC 10-10 Bar Lubrication Advice

The saw uses bar oil to lube the chain and bar rails. Bar oil is designed to stick and cling to the chain and not sling off. Motor oil is not a good substitute for bar oil. Motor oil will not properly lube the chain because it is designed to separate from engine parts and drain back into the oil pan to be reused. Never attempt to use motor oil that has been used as used motor oil has dirt and other particles in it giving it a black color. Used motor oil could contain small metal pieces or shavings which would cause extreme wear on the chain and McCulloch MAC 10-10 bar and may damage your oil pump causing more costly repairs.

The chain needs to be sharp to cut wood fast. Forcing the chain to cut can cause premature wear on the bar rails and stretch the chain.

Our bars range in size from 10‹?? to 42‹?? with bar gauges from .043‹?? through .063‹??. If you are not sure which gauge or pitch you are running on your saw, be sure to check the chain cross over chart to determine your chain's gauge. Additionally, there may be numbers stamped into the bar that may help determine the gauge and pitch chain you will need.

Remember, the best saw to cut wood should have a good sharp chain and good bar to guide the chain.

McCulloch MAC 10-10 Replacement Bar Maintenance Tips

The bar may need periodic maintenance. If the rails are sharp or rolled over, they will need to be dressed up by removing the rolled edge with a file, a bar rail dresser, or a hand grinder to remove the rolled edge and true the bar rail to be square and true again.

The McCulloch MAC 10-10 bar groove can become worn after use which causes the chain to roll from side to side. If this occurs, the bar should be replaced.

Important Notice - We are not affiliated with any chainsaw manufacturers and we do not attempt to make any affiliations with them. Any manufacturer logos, model names and numbers are the sole property of their respective owners and are used here for the sole purpose of reference. We do not sell OEM chainsaw parts for any brand. We do however, offer high quality suitable replacement parts guaranteed to meet or beat OEM part specifications like our suitable replacement Chainsaw McCulloch MAC 10-10 Bar we offer for sale for you to buy and put into their brand of chainsaws.