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  • Aptly named, the Apple Mac mini is an ultracompact computer featuring the same easy-to-use Mac operating system as its larger iMac and Mac Pro counterparts. If you're unfamiliar with Mac computers but considering a switch from a Windows PC, choosing a new Mac mini is an affordable option.
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How It Works

X-DLNA Internet Browser detects videos in web page content and let you to play them via any DLNA device or Smart Tv in your Network.

Minidlna For Mac


Playback is my favorite DLNA Server for MAC OS X, but I just found out that they closed business and are no longer supporting any of their software as of March 2014. I'm using Plex right now as the best of the two others that I've tried; Plex and XBMC (KODI). I just have problems with Plex not understanding my naming convention for TV show. Is there a way to restrict access to a minidlna server? I got one set up, and it works, but I only want one device to be able to access it. Somebody suggested restricting access to the port on my router to the MAC address on the device that I want, but my Belkin router doesn't seem to have an option for that. Name License Cost OS X Unix-like Windows Audio Images Video Transcoding Web Interface DLNA support Multilingual Implementation Subtitles Still Supported Misc.

Simple, powerfull and free.

X-DLNA (free version) does not relay the video stream but only transmit the video file link to your DLNA device. You can switch off your computer after the video playback has started.


A complete media server to play back local and online contents on any DLNA-compliant TV or Device.

You can organize your media library with information for Films, Series, Music Videos (title, genres, cast, artists, image).

You can also download online contents and include them in your library.

Free Vs Pro

See the comparition's table

Minidlna No Mac

FeaturesFree VersionPro Version
Internet Browser
Advanced Popup Blocker
Websites Whitelist / Blacklist
Browsing history
Plugin system to discovery non-standard video
Discovered video download
Core Functions
Max No. of DNLA devicesunlimitedunlimited
Play / Pause / Stop functions
Playback position control
Device Volume control
Streaming of online media
Streaming of local media
Queues of online and local media
Local library: Movies, Series, Videoclips ...