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Mirage MX-86HP


Multi-NormSCANKey-BeepLocal / DX
Handheld (Porto)M-SCANRoger-BeepRF-Gain
BaseDW (Dual-Watch)EchoMic-Gain
MobileLCR (Last Channel Recal)Talk-BackRF-Power
12VNB (Noise-Blanker)Optional Din-FrameFrequency Display
24VANL (Automatic Noise Limiter)Multiple Backlight ColorsFrequency Counter
110VESP (Electronic Speech Processor)Backlight FaceplateFrequency Counter Connector
220VHi-CutLights DimmerPC Programmable
Memory ChannelsASC (Automatic squelch)SWR-MeterRemote Display
CH8CTCSSModulation-MeterRemote Control Kit
CH19DTMFExternal S-Meter ConnectorPA (Public Address)
CH35VOXRF-Power MeterTOT (time Out Timer)
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Manual(ENG)Service Manual


Frequency Range

28.145 - 28.575 Mhz

25.615 - 28.315 Mhz

Frequency Steps


Power OutputAM10W10W

(W) 18,5cm X (H) 5,6cm X (D) 21,9cm

Also Sold As

Microfoon Wiring

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Mirage Mx-86hp

  • But there is another radio being built now by Ranger called Mirage, that's nothing like the ones your thinking of. There's a Mirage 36HP (AM only) and a Mirage MX-86HP which also has SSB. Guess Ranger should have came up with a different name for the radio, so not to cause confusion with the lame-Mirage's from earlier.
  • Mirage MX86HP 10 Meter Radio. Not available. (1416) Mirage MX86HP 10 Meter Radio Mirage MX 86 HP New in 2013. Finally a small sideband (SSB) 10 meter radio the size of a Cobra 29 Cb radio to fit those tight overhead compartments in big trucks. The MX-86HP Mirage radio is loaded with features including dual echo and talkback.

Mirage Mx-86hp

Επιλέξτε τη μάρκα του αυτοκινήτου σας. Η λίστα περιλαμβάνει όλες τις μάρκες αυτοκινήτων που ασφαλίζουμε στην Allianz Direct. View and Download Mirage MX-86HP user manual online. AM/SSB 10 Meter, Amateur Mobile Transceiver. MX-86HP transceiver pdf manual download.

Mirage Mx 36 Hp2

The MX36HP2 is an excellent, compact Mirage CB radio that is designed specifically with popular features for truckers, and the smaller chassis size to match. Most newer semi trucks (Volvo's, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth) are all using radio cubbies, drawers, etc, where the width of the radio can't be over a certain limit or it won't fit. This Mirage 10-meter radio is designed to fit in any semi-truck opening, since it is the same size as a Cobra 29 CB radio.
Popular Features
With 50 watts PeP power output, you will get out and touch someone. That's significantly more power than you would expect out a radio that's the same size as a Cobra 29 CB (which for comparison is only 15 watts PeP). You won't have any problem being heard with this radio. Plus it has popular features like Echo, talkback, and a simple to use auto-calibrating SWR meter.
What this radio doesn't have
You won't find a frequency counter, single sideband modes, or a VFO control in the MX36HP2 Mirage CB radio. The good news is if you don't know what these things are, or aren't specifically looking for them, then you probably don't need these features anyhow, which can make for an easier time setting the controls on the MX36 when it's tailored to the features most people want.