Edit: Now I'm having trouble with the 'failed to load snowflake meshes bmsnow01.nif' thing. I'm not familiar with steam installation, but this could be another UAC issue if you're running the game on Vista. Go to CD drive: Morrowind GOTYBloodmoon Right click Data Files folder and choose copy, go to your Morrowind installation folder and paste there, overite all conflicts 2, Morrowind.ini Go to Morrowind installation folder and open Morrowind.ini Find Archives and make sure it looks like this: Archives Archive 0=Morrowind.bsa Archive 1.

From what I can find, the game looks for tribunal.bsa and bloodmoon.bsa, which don't seem to be present in my installation...

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  2. 'Failed to load snowflake: Meshes BMSnow01.nif.' I am running Vista, i uninstalled it. I installed morrowind, then tribunal, then bloodmoon, the the bloodmoon patch.
Morrowind failed to load snowflake meshes bm_snow_01 nift

Edit: Found a solution to that on another forum (http://forumplanet.gamespy.com/morrowin … 644549/p1/), it appears to be a game problem. Now, I can get to the starting screen, however, there are a few errors, and when I attempt to start a new game, the game crashes. It gives a program fault, but that window hangs, so I don't know exactly what's wrong. The command line output is this:

The second-to-last line seems to be where the program crashes...

The errors it gives before the startup screen (which I can just choose to ignore without stopping the game) are these:

Could not find the movie file bethesda logo.bik.
Only one root object allowed on file 'base_anim.1st.nif'.
Make sure the object was exported without cameras.
Only one root object allowed on file 'base_anim_female.1st.nif'.
Make sure the object was exported without cameras.
Could not find the movie file mw_logo.bik.
Could not find the movie file mw_intro.bik.

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With contributions from Yimmeryams and Volvulus

Note for Steam users: verify the integrity of the game cache before trying any of the solutions below

Morrowind Failed To Load Snowflake Meshes Bm_snow_01 Nift

Problem: The v1.0 downpatcher doesn't seem to be doing anything
Solution: Go to the Morrowind Launcher and disable the Tribunal and Bloodmoon esm files before downpatching

Morrowind Failed To Load Snowflake

Problem: All text is grayed out on the launcher screen except ElderScrolls.com and Exit
Solution: Morrowind does not have admin privileges enabled. If you installed Morrowind into Program Files or Program Files (x86), you should copy everything to a different folder on your drive (i.e. C:Morrowind). Right click Morrowind.exe and choose Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab and select Run this program as an administrator. Repeat for the launcher.

Problem: Error message on launch saying 'Font 0 not found' or a similar message
Solution: This is usually caused by missing text in Morrowind.ini. Check your Morrowind.ini file for lines which say [Fonts] Font 0=magic_cards_regular. If you don't see that in there, delete all the text in your Morrowind.ini file and replace it with the text here: http://web.archive.org/web/20110918045122/http://yacoby.silgrad.com/MW/Tuts/IniTut/IniPopup/StockMorroini.htm
If you don't have a Morrowind.ini file, you can make it by copying that text into a text file and renaming the extension.

Problem: Error Message saying Could not find the movie file bethesda logo.bik on the CD.
Solution: Move the Video folder in Data Files to your root Morrowind folder. If this doesn't work, put the video files in that folder in your root Morrowind Folder.

Problem: Can't enter Cavern of the Incarnate, even after confirming it is the correct time
Solution: Disable Tribunal.esm and Bloodmoon.esm in the launcher.

Problem: Can't complete the jump from Balmora to Odrossal
Solution: This can be caused by a number of different things. First, make sure your fatigue is nearly full before starting the jump. Second, make sure you have auto run active and are running forward for the entire duration of the jump. Last, make sure Adrenaline Rush is still active before the jump starts (though it will run out in the middle of it). For safety, you can use all 3 scrolls during the jump: the first before jumping, the second as the first runs out, and the third when you get to the Red Mountain region.

Problem: You randomly die during the run after picking up Sunder
Solution: Sunder and Keening both have scripts which drain health if they're your active weapon. You may want to switch away from them to another weapon during periods where you're not switching weapons until you're fast enough.

Morrowind Failed To Load Snowflake Meshes Bm_snow_01.nif

Problem: When going for a second run, the heart is missing from the heart chamber, the almsivi intervention scroll doesn't work from Seyda Neen, or you see other weird glitches and things broken.
Solution: Exit the game completely every time you complete a run

Problem: 'Cannot delete this item from the Magic Menu' message when trying to switch spells
Solution: The most common cause of this is holding down CTRL or Shift while grabbing items from the looting inventory screen or exiting it. Try not to do that. If you do accidentally, though, you can fix it by opening your inventory and right clicking on whatever spell you need to use next.

Problem: (for GOTY & Bloodmoon runners) Error message saying Failed to load snowflake: meshesbm_snow_01.nif'.
Solution: First, double check that you didn't install Morowind into 'Program Files' and its set to 'Run as Administrator' and NOT 'read only.' Then, check your Morrowind.ini file to make sure that the following lines of code are present:
Archive 0=Bloodmoon.bsa
If that's not there, reinstall Tribunal and Bloodmoon. CD users may also want to directly copy the 'Data Files' folder (or the .nif file) from the Bloodmoon CD into the folder on their computer.