Introduction Nintendo 3ds :

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The good old 80’s and 90’s were a great time, it was an excellent juncture for a lot of fads as well as a revival for pop culture. It was also when gaming took a fresh and fabulous turn and started massively gaining popularity. These were also the time when the ancestors of modern popular gaming consoles were slowly making its way into the market. Playstation was gradually grabbing millions of hearts and likely, Nintendo and other consoles were also emerging. Although, Xbox was first introduced in 2001, it was still crazy. Kids of today’s generation have no idea how the experience of gaming was back in the days. People had to wait very long just to get a single game and unfortunately, sometimes one couldn’t get it as it went out of stock pretty early. Brings back loads of memories.

Apart from those good days, talking of the current era, what’s more interesting is; retro gaming made its way back into the market, and it seems like the audience just never left the show. With Nintendo launching its consoles, it became overwhelmingly popular especially among the kids. Likely, when the Nintendo 3DS came out in the market, both the parents and the children were finally able to merge and enjoy something together once and for all!

For those of you wondering, this is a handheld console which is reminiscent of the early Gameboy. The console provides 3D effects without any use of glasses and has upgraded a lot of features. Its predecessor is the Nintendo DS, and the upgrade includes backward compatibility where users can download older games for the Nintendo 3DS.

The popularity of the 3ds console:

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The Nintendo 3DS suffered from slow sales at first, but ever since the price went down, it experienced a surge in sales. The 3DS is popular because it has a lot of old games like Pokemon, Super Mario and Zelda. They are superior in quality, and you can bid farewell to the groggy 8Bit graphics which was fun before. With the 3DS you get a sense of the past tweaked with the wonders of modern technology. 3DS has sold more than 21 million units in the US alone since its release. Even with the version of the Nintendo Switch, people won’t stop buying the 3DS.

Gameplay On Nintendo 3ds:

Here is a list of the few best games for the 3DS, and the gameplay of some of it will be discussed below:

1. The Legend of Zelda:

The legend of Zelda ‘A Link between Worlds’ reminds of ‘A Link in the Past’ in a great way with every chapter we go through, you can’t help but get hit with a hint of nostalgia. For every adult who grew up with Zelda will get nostalgia of the euphoric landscape consisting of volcanic mountains and marshy areas. Nothing has quite possibly changed. The items that make your adventurer’s inventory which consists of the boomerangs and the bows and the arrows are available for use from the beginning. And the plot follows wherever you go. It depends on which direction the player aka you decide to take. The retro visage and the 3D combined make it a strange yet welcoming combination. Honestly, it is the best of the worlds, the old and the new.

2. Minecraft:

Minecraft for Nintendo 3DS follows the same concept and allows you to play the creator with creating structures. Creativity is the center here as the game depends on you to create beautiful snow clad mountains or a menacing volcano that oozes out red-hot lava. Minecraft was originally released in 2009, As usual, it starts with you starting from the bottom and working your way up to civilization. The crafting table is the one that the protagonist of the game uses to progress through the game. Although, there are no pre-ordained quests that a player needs to perform, the plot of the game is wheeled in the direction according to a user’s progress.

3. Mario Kart :

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This list wouldn’t be complete without some Mario. Kart racing has never been this fun in the mushroom kingdom. And what’s even better is the fact that it’s in 3D. Mario Kart continues to drift further into the evolution of the game. New features are added every time with new updates. For distanced jumps, the cart deploys a wing-like structure which will enable a user to take a shortcut track. There is the underwater segment where the kart is given propellers. For players who love to add a touch of individuality to everything they do, the kart can be customized with layouts that are available for the user. SpotPass and StreetPass are both supported.

4. Pokemon :

Pokemon has been widely popular among people of different age ranges since it was first released in gameboy. It is no wonder this game being popular among kids, also, it is crazily popular among the adults. Embarking on a journey with a single pokemon to explore the world, catch more pokemons, win gym battles and impressive storyline is what makes this game fan favourite. New Pokemon games like – Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Sun and Moon & Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon made the popularity of the 3ds and the pokemon game itself to skyrocket even further.

Features Of 3ds :

1. Cameras:

There is a reason why this model of Nintendo is specificallycalled 3DS. The camera in the console allows the user to take 3D pictures. Notonly that, it will enable the recording of 3D videos as well.

2. StreetPass and SpotPass:

Another cool feature about this model is the StreetPass andthe SpotPass. The StreetPass helps the user to detect any 3DS device aroundyou. And the SpotPass allows yourconsole to connect with any free wi-fi connection available in the area.

2. E-shop:


The E-shop is your very own personal marketplace where youwould be able to browse, purchase and download games.

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4. Backward Compatibility:

The other significant upgrade of the 3DS from the DS is thebackward compatibility which allows the console to play any Nintendo DS and DSigames. Cool, huh?

5. Augmented Reality:

I saved the best for last. The question that you should beasking is what can’t the console do? The console does not allow you to playgames that are graphical but enables you to play games in interaction with yourreal environment.

New Updates:

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The latest update in the Nintendo 3DS includes a new HOMElayout. It comes with eight different designs with different themes and icons.

The theme shop has additional categories which can be viewedby going to the ‘View More’ button.

Improvements have been made to the overall system for stability and to enhance the 3D experience of the user.

Not only these but more improvements have been added already. Also, more games have been released. Check it out yourself to find out more!

3ds Emulator How Nintendo 3ds Emulator Works?

Everyone browsing this site might already be familiar with this application aka Nintendo 3ds emulator. For those of you who are not already aware, it’s an app to play 3ds games on PC, Android or Ios devices using the system of 3ds itself. It enables you to play all the 3ds games at full fps without any lags and comes with timely updates. This emulator 3ds is free to download and is playable on all devices. But before downloading or running the emulator, make sure you know all the requirements and procedures to install it on your specific devices. For the guide, you can simply check the video tutorial out!

Check out 3ds Emulator in Live action –

3ds Emulator PC

3ds Emulator For PC has been around for a long time. It was created just few months after the 3ds emulator was first released. Back then, the emulator was still under a beta mode and loads of improvements were to be made. But talking as of now, the emulator is fully functional and in its best version. The emulator is unleashed to emulate all the games and runs without any errors. Games like newest Pokemon, Zelda and Mario Kart has been tested and it seems to run just perfectly.

Download 3ds Emulator PC

3ds Emulator Android

For running the 3ds Emulator On Android, first of all, make sure your phone is up to date with the system and also, there should be enough storage space available. This apk version of emulator is around 20MB to download and does not take away too much space on your phone, although, downloading and saving the 3ds games consumes a lot more storage. For ensuring the emulator works at its finest, you need to clear out/ delete unnecessary apps from your phone. Fortunately, at recent times, most of the people have over 10GB storage phones and also the RAM is above 2GB so it’s not a hassle or much of an effort to install and play 3ds games. It runs smoothly on these type of phones. However, if your phone doesn’t have these qualities, the emulator might lag a little and also might not be able to emulate all the 3ds games. Nevertheless, you can download 3ds emulator apk and test out the emulator yourself to see its potential.

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3ds Emulator Ios

People owning an Ios system would also love to play 3ds games on their device. For that reason, there is also 3ds emulator ios. Basically, this emulator also works the same way as 3ds android version and all the installation and setting up procedure is the same so there is no trouble in setting it up. Furthermore, it works even better and smooth compared to android systems.

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The rave of the Nintendo handheld consoles is only proving that people like to hold on to their games while on the move as well. Also, playing games through the cellphone is evolving, and it just shows how modern technology has evolved to enhance the gaming experience through the use of 3D. The new features that are added to the 3ds gaming console like the E-shop, backward compatibility and augmented reality makes the 3ds a versatile mobile gaming console. However, being able to play these 3DS games on mobile using an emulator is just sheer amazing.