Spectrasonics today released an update to Omnisphere with something for everyone. In addition to expanding their innovative hardware synth integration with support for over 65 new hardware synths, there are also some really nice major enhancements to Omnisphere’s arpeggiator.

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The arpeggiator’s many new features include new pattern modes, step dividers to create cool glitchy effects on a per step basis, per step pitch slides, and the unique ability to have altered chord voicings and chord inversions per step. There is also a new arpeggiator preset library showcasing all the new creative possibilities. And last but not least, Omnisphere 2.6 can now capture the MIDI data of the arpeggiator as a standard MIDI file, which can be dragged to any DAW for further editing!


With the new 2.6 release, many requested hardware synth profiles have been added, including support for over 65 popular hardware synthesizers from Moog®, Sequential®, Roland®, Korg®, Novation®, Nord®, Behringer®, Access®, Studiologic®, and Yamaha®.

There is also a newly expanded “hardware library” with 600 new patches created by Eric Persing and his sound development team. In particular, Eric has expanded on his classic sound design work from the original 1987 Roland D-50 and opened it up to take advantage of Omnisphere’s vast and advanced synthesis capabilities.

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Best of all, Omnisphere 2.6 is available now as a FREE update for all registered Omnisphere 2 users! For current Omnisphere 2.5 users, simply use the “Get Updates” feature on Omnisphere’s splash page.

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Users of earlier versions can download and install the 2.6 updates from their user accounts. And the same standard upgrade price is still in effect for Omnisphere 1.x users.