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If you right click it, and click Show Package Contents you'll get a few files in a Contents folder. (Note: if you do not see Show Package Contents you will need to open Terminal.app and run pkgutil -expand mystubbornpackage.pkg path/to/expand). Syncthing is an open source continuous file synchronization program, which essentially works by synchronizing files between two or more computers in real time. Syncthing is designed to first and foremost keep users’ data safe and protected against data loss and against attackers who would unlawfully try and access this data.

PKGi PS3 is a PlayStation 3 port of PSVita pkgi.

The pkgi-ps3 homebrew app allows to download and install .pkg files directly on your PS3.

Download pkg file opener

Comments, ideas, suggestions? You can contact me on Twitter and on my website.

  • easy to use: list available downloads, including searching, filtering, and sorting.
  • standalone: no PC required, everything happens directly on the PS3.
  • automatic downloads: just choose an item, and it will be downloaded by the app to your HDD (direct mode) or queued for background download (background mode) using the internal Download Manager.
  • resumes interrupted downloads: you can stop a download at any time, switch applications, and come back to resume the download later.
  • content activation: the app can generate .rif files for downloaded content (system must be activated)


  • queuing up multiple downloads is only supported when using background download mode.
  • background download tasks will only show up after rebooting your PS3.

Get the latest version here.


See the latest changes here.

You need to create a pkgi.txt file in /dev_hdd0/game/NP00PKGI3/USRDIR that contains the items available for installation.The text database format is user customizable. Check this section to learn how to define your own custom db format.

Multiple databases

You can also load additional database files:

  • pkgi_games.txt
  • pkgi_dlcs.txt
  • pkgi_themes.txt
  • pkgi_avatars.txt
  • pkgi_demos.txt
  • pkgi_managers.txt
  • pkgi_emulators.txt
  • pkgi_apps.txt
  • pkgi_tools.txt
App to open pkg file

Items on each of these files will be auto-categorized to the file content type. Note: The app assumes that every database file has the same format, as defined in dbformat.txt.

Online DB update

You can refresh and sync an online database by adding the DB URL(s) to the config.txt file in /dev_hdd0/game/NP00PKGI3/USRDIR.

For example:

Using this setup, pkgi.txt will be updated with mylist.csv, pgi_demos.txt with otherlist.csv , and pkgi_emulators.txt with emulators.csv.

Next time you open the app, you’ll have an additional menu option called Refresh. When you select it, the local databases will be syncronized with the defined URLs.

The application needs a text database that contains the items available for installation, and it must follow the default format definition, or have a custom format definition file.

Default DB format

The default database file format uses a very simple CSV format where each line means one item in the list:


contentidis the full content id of the item, for example: UP0000-NPXX99999_00-0000112223333000.
typeis a number for the item’s content type. See the table below for details. (set it to 0 if unknown)
nameis a string for the item’s name.
descriptionis a string for the item’s description.
rapthe 16 hex bytes for a RAP file, if needed by the item (.rap files will be created on /dev_hdd0/exdata). Leave empty to skip the .rap file.
urlis the HTTP/HTTPS URL where to download the .pkg.
sizeis the size in bytes of the .pkg file, or 0 if unknown.
checksumis a SHA256 digest of the .pkg file (as 32 hex bytes) to make sure the file is not tampered with. Leave empty to skip the check.

Note:name and description cannot contain newlines or commas.

An example pkgi.txt file:

Content types

Type valueContent type
6Backup Manager

User-defined DB format

To use a custom database format, you need to create a dbformat.txt file, and save it on /dev_hdd0/game/NP00PKGI3/USRDIR.

The dbformat.txt definition file is a 2-line text file:

  • Line 1: the custom delimiter character (e.g.: ;, ,, , etc.)
  • Line 2: the column names for every column in the custom database, delimited by the proper delimiter defined in line 1

Note: For the columns to be properly recognized, use the column tag names defined in the table above.

All the columns are optional. Your database might have more (or less) columns, so any unrecognized column will be skipped.


Example dbformat.txt, for a database using semi-colon (;) as separator:

Result: only the name,description,url,rap,size fields will be used.


Example dbformat.txt, for a database using character pipe () as separator:

Result: only the name,url,rap,contentid,size,checksum fields will be used.

Using the application is simple and straight-forward:

  • Move UP/DOWN to select the item you want to install, and press .
  • To see the item’s details, press .
  • To sort/filter/search press .It will open the context menu. Press again to confirm the new settings, or press to cancel any changes.
  • Press left or right trigger buttons (L1/R1) to move pages up or down.


  • RAP data: if the item has .rap data, the file will be saved in the /dev_hdd0/exdata/ folder.
  1. Where to get a rap string?

    You can use a tool like RIF2RAP to generate a .rap from your existing .rif files. Then you can use a tool like hexdump to get the hex byte string.

  2. Where to get .pkg links?

    You can use PSDLE to find .pkg URLs for the games you own. Then either use the original URL, or host the file on your own web server.

  3. Where to remove interrupted/failed downloads to free up disk space?

    Check the /dev_hdd0/tmp/pkgi folder - each download will be in a separate .pkg file by its title id. Simply delete the file and start again.

  4. Download speed is too slow!

    Optimization is still pending. If direct download is slow, you can use background download mode to download files using the internal PS3 Download Manager.

  • Bucanero: Project developer
  • mmozeiko: PS Vita pkgi

You need to have installed:

  • Tiny3D library
  • YA2D library (an extended version from my repo)
  • PolarSSL library
  • MikMod library
  • dbglogger library (only required for debug logging)

Run make to create a release build. After that, run make pkg to create a .pkg install file.

Open Pkg File Online Pdf

You can also set the environment variable PS3LOAD=tcp:x.x.x.x to the PS3’s IP address;that will allow you to use make run and send pkgi-ps3.self directly to the PS3Load listener.

To enable debug logging, build PKGi PS3 with make DEBUGLOG=1. The application will send debug messages toUDP multicast address To receive them you can use socat on your PC:

pkgi-ps3 is released under the MIT License.

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PKG file could be opened by special software. There are 5 file's types and each of them could be opened by different software. Download recommended software to open desired file format.

How to open PKG file

PKG extension (full name Mac OS Installer Package) is mainly used on Apple's Mac OS platform; this format is rarely used in the Windows environment. A PKG file is an archive executable file similar to Zip or Rar archives in Windows OS. There is a high demand for the files with PKG extension on hardware and software elements by Macintosh, as well as on mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.

The availability of PKG in OS X and iOS is a mandatory condition for maintaining the system's continuous operation, because this executive file helps to install software on a hard disk or memory card.

The PKG archive itself can include a wide variety of components. User applications, game programs, text editors, and databases – this is only a small list of software that can be included in a PKG archive.

Opening, creating, and editing PKG files

As already mentioned, the main platform on which PKG works is Mac OS. The most common program to open a PKG file is Apple Installer. At the same time, Mac OS developers had the foresight to ensure the availability of a built-in installer, therefore Apple Installer does not require an additional installation, but may require an update.

If you to need to open a PKG file in Windows OS, use the plugin AnyToISO or the built-in WinRAR unzip tool.

For iPhone and iPad users, a PKG is an installation package that recognizes the mobile device system with the help of the built-in archiver.

Other most common utilities that are used to read PKG files include:

  • WinRAR (Windows OS);
  • CharlesSoft Pacifist (Mac OS);
  • P-CAD (Windows OS);
  • Alien (Linux OS).
Open Pkg File Online

Open Package File Online

This software has gained wide popularity among users of various operating systems due to a wide range of tools for working with archive files, high degree of compression, and reliable operation.

Converting PKG into other formats

PKG is not exactly a universal archive format, however, the degree of its conversion is wide enough:

  1. PKG -> PDF;
  2. PKG -> DEB;
  3. PKG -> RPM;
  4. PKG -> SLP;
  5. PKG -> TGZ;

It is recommended to convert item 1 using P-CAD; operations 2-5 require Alien.

Why PKG and what are its advantages

Open Pkg File Online Download

Perhaps, the main advantage of PKG extension is its versatility. Hardly any format supports its operation in three operating systems at once: Linux, Windows, and Mac. Of course, the correct operation of each operating system requires its own unzip tool, but it is more likely to be attributed to systems’ software and functional features, rather than to the disadvantages of PKG format.

File type:
CoCreate OneSpace Modeling Package File
Parametric Technology
3D image files

CoCreate applications (used for 3D modeling) file package with the files for a 3D model stored using a compressed format. These files are used for reducing the size of a model design to transfer over the Internet.

How to open file with PKG extension?

Adobe Acrobat XAdobe Acrobat X ProParametric Technology CoCreate Modeling
File type:
Midtown Madness Model File
3D image files

Midtown Madness (MM) and Midtown Madness 2 (MM2) 3D racing games game data file with a three-dimensional model of a car. This file is stored within AR game package and may be edited using ZModeler.

How to open file with PKG extension?

Microsoft Midtown MadnessMicrosoft Midtown Madness 2Zanoza ZModeler
File type:
Mac OS X Installer Package
Compressed files (archives)

This is an archive of compressed installer files that is used for installing an application. It is often used to install programs in Mac OS X and can be installed individually or referenced by an installer script contained wit the program. PKG files are installed by the built-in Apple Installer tool in Mac OS X.

How to open file with PKG extension?

File type:
PlayStation Store Downloaded Package
Game files

Sony PlayStation Store (online store with games, movies and demos for PS3 and PSP devices) downloaded file that is used for downloadable games, game updates and demos. It uses an encrypted format that may be recognized only by Sony devices. Downloaded archives may be transferred to PSP or PS3 using USB, Memory Stick card or a network connection.

How to open file with PKG extension?

File type:
Symbian Package File
Settings files

Symbian OS devices package with instructions (including the vendor name, application dependencies and files to copy) that are needed for generating a SIS file. This file uses a plain text formatting. SIS files are built using PKG files with the 'makesis' command provided with the CreateSIS software.

How to open file with PKG extension?

Similar file formats and extensions.