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“Is there any Pokémon game for PC?

Pokemon For Ppsspp


However, before finding out the name of that game, let’s discuss thoroughly the availability of best Pokemon games on PC first.

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Best Pokémon games on PC: What is the truth?

In spite of the fact that our adored format is the spiritual home of turn-based fights, no official main version of Pokémon has jumped to PC up to now. To be honest, we cannot blame Nintendo yet some of us still feel a small pang of jealousy whenever we spot images of this game on Switch or 3DS consoles.

To sooth fans’ forlorn spirits, there is an official Pokemon card battle game which is free to play online on PC – the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. This best Pokemon game in PC comes with both single-player and multi-player challenges. Even though it does not offer the Pokéball pitching action, players are still forced to collect cards and trade with their friends.

We do not say that Pokémon TCG Online is a classic, yet it’s truly an official Pokémon game available on PC. Its charming Pokémon artwork and the familiar characters make the game stand out from an array of different online card games.

Best Pokemon games on PC: Favorite alternatives

If the Pokémon TCG Online cannot satisfy your creature-collecting urges, here we have a list of best games like Pokémon for PC that are built on the core components of the iconic game.

1. Slime Rancher

In this game, players will inherit a slime ranch and their duty is to get it up and collect different types of slime to run it. The slime comes in all manner of colors and varieties, each of which features various properties and associated challenges. There are up to 90 colorful kinds of slime for players to bring together, including rock, puddle, pink, fire slime, etc.

While in Pokémon game, players need to complete the Pokédex when they gradually enslave a progressively alarming number of sentient creatures and push them to fight against each other; they only have to keep track of their livestock in the “Slimepedia” in Slime Rancher.

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2. Slay The Spire

As a matter of fact, decisions coming outside Pokémon battles are as significant as the ones made inside them. Slay The Spire owns this feature. If you cannot find the best Pokemon games for PC aside from the Pokémon TCG Online, give this alternative a try. Here, the same thought process of constructing a winning Pokémon party is required to build a deck with the best synergy among cards. Additionally, it’s crucial to create powerful combos and see the battles go as planned.

Frankly speaking, Slay The Spire evokes some feelings that the Nintendo’s classic game conjures.

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3. Temtem

This Pokémon-like game might be accidentally inspired by Game Freak’s cherished creature catcher; nonetheless, it exudes a lot of fresh ideas. Enjoying the game and you will find the biggest difference here is a sense of challenge that would swiftly be brought to your notice as your tamer competitor thumps you in the opening fight. Afterward, moving from town to town would become more difficult since potions are pricey, then forcing resource management to come into play.

Your attention plays an important role in the game’s battle system. Each one of your tems has got a stamina bar, weaknesses, and strengths. The combats are two-on-two. In order to take the crown, you need to own a full team of well-trained tems.

4. World of Final Fantasy

Discovering the world of Grymoire and collecting Mirages are strongly reminiscent of the PokéGo. In World of Final Fantasy, you have to organize the captured Mirages into strategic stacks so as to wield them in battles.

According to Pokémon addicts, the stacking system in this game is an absolutely charming twist on Pokémon’s battle formula. Further, it’s truly adorable to rediscover all of your favorite creatures in Chibi form in World of Final Fantasy.

5. Digimon Masters Online

The last name in our list of best Pokémon games on PC: Alternatives is Digimon Masters Online, an MMO game where players train and evolve the “Digimons” by engaging in furious fights. Like Pokémon, the Digimons will evolve into bigger forms with special attacks. However, the battles here are not turn-based, they’re real-time. Thus, players should have their wits about them!

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PokémonUltra Sun and PokémonUltra Moon have been powered up with new additions to the story andfeatures of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. The games take place inthe Alola region, which is made up of four islands, along with one artificialisland. The islands are teeming with Pokémon, including some Alolan variants offamiliar Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Kanto region. Duringyour adventure, you’ll have multiple run-ins with the troublesome Team Skull,encounter the elusive guardian deities, and unravel a plot surrounding themysterious Aether Foundation. There’s nothing like a return trip to thewonderful, tropical Alola region!

A strange pocket of space has been spotted overthe Alola region! The Ultra Wormhole is a gateway to other worlds, andoccasionally, fearsome Ultra Beasts will emerge from it. These powerfulcreatures are unlike any that you’ve ever seen before. Challenge these incredibleUltra Beasts, and you might even be able to add them to your team. Just makesure to bring a few Beast Balls to catch them.

With the help of the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleoor Lunala, you can even travel into the Ultra Wormhole to explore what liesbeyond. You’ll find more Ultra Beasts within Ultra Space, but you may alsoencounter Legendary Pokémon such as Mewtwo, Ho-Oh, Lugia, and others. Withenough persistence, you could potentially put together an entire team of LegendaryPokémon!

One Legendary Pokémon that you won’t have totravel to Ultra Space to meet is the mighty Necrozma. This imposing Pokémonfeatures heavily in Pokémon Ultra Sunand Pokémon Ultra Moon’s story, andby playing, you’ll uncover new secrets about Necrozma and the Alola region.

Necrozma’s power continues to grow when itreveals its alternate forms—Dusk Mane Necrozma appears in Pokémon Ultra Sun while Dawn Wings Necrozma shows up in Pokémon Ultra Moon. And just what isUltra Necrozma? Can this Legendary Pokémon’s power be contained?

Perhaps the Ultra Recon Squad will have theanswer to that question. This group hails from a world that lies beyond anUltra Wormhole, and they have come to the Alola region to find out more about Necrozma,including how to restore the light that the Legendary Pokémon has stolen fromtheir home.

Ultra Beasts aren’t the only challenge you’llhave while exploring the Alola region. A nefarious organization has resurfacedunder a new guise—Team Rainbow Rocket is here! Led by Giovanni, the boss ofTeam Rocket, this new group is composed of classic villains from previous gamesin the Pokémon series. What will you do when you’re forced to face off againstthe bosses of Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, Team Plasma, and TeamFlare? This could be your greatest test yet!

But it’s not all battles against Ultra Beasts andpast enemies in the Alola region. There’s always a little time for fun on yourjourney. What’s the point of an island paradise if you can’t shoot the curl?Mantine Surf is a most bodacious way to travel between the Alola region’sislands by hanging ten on the back of, yes, a Mantine. It’s also a cool competitivesport where you vie for the highest score by pulling off different radicalmoves. Excellent surfing skills will earn you BP (which here stands for BeachPoints) that can be used to teach your Pokémon new moves—moves that they wouldnot be able to learn by leveling up or through any TM. You might even be ableto net a special Pokémon!

If you want a little more practice with Pokémonbattling, be sure to check out the Battle Agency within Festival Plaza. Thisexciting new area allows you to compete in three-on-three Single Battles whereyou can earn Festival Coins and rare items like Rare Candy and Gold BottleCaps. The only catch is that you can’t battle with your own Pokémon!

Instead, you’ll need to borrow one Pokémon at thereception desk and the other two from fellow Trainers in your Festival Plaza.The better you battle, the stronger the Pokémon you’ll be able to borrow, sowork hard and you can make it to the top of the Battle Agency!

There are other great new features in in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon. You’ll find some newtrials on each of the Alola region’s four islands while taking the islandchallenge. These puzzles will require updated strategies to complete, and evenif you do clear them, you’ll still have to face off against a powerful TotemPokémon before the trial is cleared.

A returning feature in Pokémon Ultra Sun and PokémonUltra Moon is Z-Moves. With the use of your Z-Power Ring and acorresponding Z-Crystal, your Pokémon will be able to perform an exceptionallystrong move—one so powerful that it can only be used once per battle! This gameintroduces brand new Z-Moves, which will help make your team stronger than everbefore.

As you explore the Alola region, keep your eyesopen for new Totem Stickers. These collectible goodies glitter and shine, andas you find them, be sure to show them off to Professor Samson Oak. The goodprofessor will be so impressed by your diligence that he will reward you withspecial totem-like Pokémon as your collection grows.


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Pokémon Bank isan application and service that allow you to deposit, store, and manage yourPokémon in private Boxes on the internet. Pokémon Bank is apaid service, with a small annual charge for usage.

Pokémon Bank now works with Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, making it easy to transferPokémon from copies of Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon, Pokémon Sun, and Pokémon Moon—including the downloadable versions—to a singlegame. You can also transfer Pokémon you’ve caught in the many previous PokémonRPGs, including those on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, into Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon. It’s an easy and efficientway to complete your Pokédex and raise multiple Pokémon for use in battles andcompetitions.

Pokemon Ppsspp Game By Guru Gamer Pc

With so much to see and do (and so many Pokémon tocatch!), there are plenty of reasons to book another trip to the Alola regionwith Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon.