110 has the knuckle cyliner above the boom like an excavator, the 120 has the cylinder under the boom like most other log loaders. 110 is slow but powerful, 120 is a little weaker but much faster 110 only came with the valve bank infront of the seat, most 120s came with joysticks. 2001 Prentice 120E with extendaboom, pump, tank and grapple $ Prentice 120E ^ with same $16000 (2) 2003 Prentice 120E ^ with same $ Prentice 120E with extendaboom - no accessories $11500 I have a few older ones as well that were.

Prentice Log Loader 120

Prentice 120e manualPrentice 120e

Prentice 120e Specifications

Prentice log loader 120

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