The graphics and gameplay is however not as it is on a high-end PC. But it runs very well on your Mac. I tried my Imac i5 3,2 GHz but the result was not good. But the Macbook Pro´s work really well for PUBG. It will work even better in the future when the game is fully optimized. For every patch it runs better and better on the mac. PUBG MOBILE METRO ROYALE mode coming soon! New Environment - Based on Erangel, a whole new underground world with unique combat mechanics. Danger and great rewards around every corner. New Game Mode - Defeat enemies, raid supplies, collect loot and experience a new progression system. New Function - Lightweight Installation is here!

Mobile game development has evolved to the point that your smartphones can handle gameplay with high graphics. One example is the Player’s Unknown Battleground or most commonly called PUBG. This is an online multiplayer battle royale game which main purpose is to survive in the ground and be the number 1 among the 100 players. Since your goal is to be on top, you have to watch out for your enemies. Thus, playing it on a small device can be a hassle as you might miss your chance. So, here are the ways to play PUBG mobile on PC.

Top 3 Ways to Play PUBG Mobile on PC/Mac


One of the most excellent methods to send your mobile screen to PC is by using ApowerMirror. This professional screen mirroring program is capable of casting Android or iOS devices to Windows and Mac. Thus, you may stream videos, pictures, music, and other applications installed on your phone. The app is deemed useful for gamers as its loaded with various advanced functions. For instance, it has a screen recorder which will allow you to capture your entire gaming experience and save it on your local drive. Furthermore, there is a Game Keyboard feature that lets you control your avatars using your keyboard. Hence, you won’t have difficulties in communicating with your team members as well as managing your gameplay. Follow the guidelines below to know how to play PUBG mobile on the computer.

  1. First, download and install ApowerMirror on your computer and mobile device.
  2. Launch the program and connect your phone with a USB cable. Please refer to this guide for any usage issues that may concerned.
  3. Open PUBG then load your game. Once done, hit the keyboard icon from the menu bar and choose your controls from the pop-up buttons.
  4. Set the keymapping according to your preference then place the control over the on-screen ones to activate the keys.
  5. Finally, hit the Save icon to apply the changes you’ve made and then you can start to play!


If you’re always on your computer, you can use BlueStacks. Unlike the first one, it doesn’t require an actual mobile phone to work. Instead, it creates a virtual device that simulates the Android firmware so as to give you the best experience of a real OS. With this, you’ll be able to download and run applications from the Google Play Store on your computer. It is free to use but it has a couple of disadvantages. One, for it to function smoothly, you need a high-end system with fast processor and at least 4GB RAM. Two, it can affect your computer performance even it it’s not running on your background. And three, you will experience minor bugs while using the app. Regardless of that, you can use this PUBG mobile emulator and here’s how:

  1. Install BlueStacks on your computer.
  2. Sign in using a gmail account and configure your device as you like.
  3. Once you have your own device, go to the Play Store and search for PUBG.
  4. Install PUBG and run it. Done!

Nox App Player

Nox App Player is similar to BlueStacks as it emulates a mobile device on your computer. It supports numerous applications ranging from the most popular up to the least known. And obviously, you can download PUBG using this one. The app is easy to use as it is based on Android 4.4.2—considered to be the most used and widespread OS. The main advantage of this over similar applications is its external configuration. This will allow you to root your device in order to install APK format or transfer files between your phone and PC. Another impressive feature of Nox is it can help you customize controls. Thus, in a span of seconds, you’ll be able to configure your keyboard in accordance to your games. Let’s begin to play PUBG mobile on Mac/Windows.

  1. To start, you have to download Nox App Player on your computer.
  2. After installing, set up your device and log in with your gmail account.
  3. Open your device then go to the built-in google Play Store. Look for PUBG and install the game.
  4. Click on the keyboard icon and start assigning keys for your controls.
  5. Once done, start your game and enjoy playing.

This only works if you have the version 6.05.0 and above. And if you happen to encounter issues while installing the game, simple clear up your Google Play Store data, restart the app, then try again.


You can rely on the aforementioned ways to play your favorite games on your computer. To compare, ApowerMirror has more features and offers an easier set up process than the two emulators, BlueStacks and Nox App Player. So, if you want a professional yet easy-to-use app, you can choose the first one. However, if you don’t have Android at the moment, you may download any of the two emulators.

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Call of Duty Mobile was introduced in late 2019, adding another title in the battle royale section on mobile. Call of Duty is one of the biggest FPS franchises in the world with dozen of different games spanning for a duration of almost 20 years so players have a lot of expectation for the game.

Call of Duty actually had several games on mobile before but none of them was a success. Activision has collaborated with Tencent to create Call of Duty Mobile for both Android and iOS. Just like PUBG Mobile, you can also play Call of Duty Mobile on Mac or Windows using a mouse and keyboard setup. So here, we will give you a detailed guide on how to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC.

Call of Duty Mobile Overview

Call of Duty Mobile has a level system, which you gain experience by playing. You will unlock new items, weapons, attachments when you reach certain levels. You will still be able to pick up all kinds of weapons in the Battle Royale mode though without having to unlock anything.

Pubg Game For Macbook Air Downloads

Pubg on macbook

Call of Duty Mobile has 3 main modes Battle Royale, Zombie Mode, and Multiplayer.

  • Battle Royale Mode: You will be dropped into an abandoned island with 100 players to fight until there is only 1 player/ team left. There are 8 classes for you to choose from before entering a Battle Royale match. Each class will have its own unique set of skills with 1 passive skill and 1 active skill.
  • Zombie Mode: You can play alone or with other players in this mode to fight against AI-controlled zombies. After defeating a certain wave of zombies, you will be facing a final Boss. You can upgrade your character, weapons using the points you get from killing zombies. There are also a lot of secret and easter eggs in the game mode.
  • Multiplayer: In the Multiplayer mode, there will be a lot of different kinds of game modes getting rotated in and out over time. Most of the time, you will be using your Load Out in the Multiplayer mode to play with a team of four players against another team to complete objectives.

How To Play Call Of Duty Mobile On Mac

Since Call of Duty Mobile was made for Android and iOS, you won't be able to run it directly on your Mac. In order to player Call of Duty on Mac, you will need to download an Android emulator. At the moment, there are a lot of options for you to run Call of Duty Mobile on Mac. Here, we will show you how to play Call of Duty Mobile on Mac and the top 3 best Android emulators.

Play Call Of Duty Mobile on Mac with GameLoop

GameLoop (Tencent Gaming Buddy) is an emulator that was developed by Tencent for PUBG Mobile but you can totally play Call of Duty Mobile with as well. This emulator is totally smooth and optimized for battle royale games on mobile. You don't even need to log in to Google Play in order to use this emulator, which makes it more convenient the first time you use it.

GameLoop also doesn't have ads or install random apps into your computer unlike other free emulator and it is a big plus.

Download Pubg Games For Free

You can download GameLoop for free from the official website of GameLoop.

Download Pubg For Mac

Play Call Of Duty Mobile on Mac with NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is currently the best Android emulator in the market with tons of different features so you can customize it any way you want. You can change resolution, types of phones, performance, run multiple instances,... etc. The performance of NoxPlayer is stable. However, you will need a dedicated GPU in order to run NoxPlayer smoothly. So if you are using a Mac Air, it likely that Nox Player won't be running very well on it.

NoxPlayer is totally free to use and you can download it from the official website of NoxPlayer.

Play Call Of Duty Mobile on Mac with Memu Play

If your Mac doesn't have a dedicated GPU then Memu Play will be your best option to play Call of Duty Mobile on Mac. Memu Play is the least demanding out of all Android emulator while still having a stable performance. You only need 2GB of RAM and no dedicated GPU.

Memu Play is totally free to use and you can download it from the official website of Memu Play.