Available for sale from Taubert Contemporary, Markus Linnenbrink, Rome 2 (2019), Water color on watercolor paper, 14 1/2 × 21 1/2 in. Hi PC wrecked itself about a month ago and I had to fresh install Win8. Found that all of my local save files for Rome 2 are gone and as a result the load game option is greyed out. I should have some cloud saves but I have no idea how I can load them as the button is greyed out. Hoping someone here will know a solution. Oct 25, 2013 In Windows 7, the save games are found under c: Users YourLoginName AppData Roaming The Creative Assembly Rome2 savegames. The AppData folder is usually hidden, so make sure you have Show Hidden Folders on. The startpos file is found under your Total War Rome II data campaigns mainrome folder. I have tried everything, I have revealed hidden files but I can't find Rome 2 saved games folder. Please help, I can't play this with only 20 units. Google doesn't know either, I regret so much upgrading to this POS which is Windows 10.

Total War Rome II

Game Info
Spartan Edition
Factions in Total War: Rome II
Total War Cards: Punic Wars
Using Total War Gameplay Footage
System Requirements
Downloadable Content (DLC)
Greek States Culture Pack
Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack
Blood and Gore Pack
Pirates and Raiders Culture Pack
Caesar in Gaul Campaign Pack
Hannibal at the Gates Campaign Pack
Wrath Of Sparta Campaign Pack
Free Downloadable Content (Free-LC)
Pontus Faction
Seleucid Faction
Baktria Faction
Getae Faction
Historical Battle of Pydna
Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack
War Room
Politics Guide
Trade Routes
Assembly Kit
Steam Workshop and How to Make Mods
Teutoburg forest
Let's Play videos
Capital Cities
Dev Diaries
Panoramic Screenshots
Patch Notes
Unit Spotlight
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Rome 2 Save Location

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Total war rome 2 save locationRome total war 2 save locationRome 2 save location

Total War Rome 2 Save Location

This feature is currently available on our website and will be added to our app soon.

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Total War Rome 2 Save Location

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Rome 2 Save Location

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