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SAVAGE DRAGON Animated SERIES complete on 4 DVD'S The Savage Dragon is a half-hour animated television series aired as part of the Cartoon Express on the USA Network. Produced by Universal Cartoon Studios, it ran for 26 episodes from 1995 to 1996 and featured numerous supporting characters from the comic book series, including She-Dragon, Horde.

  1. July 25, 2020 The collected Larsen/Burlingame Interviews. Posted by Stefan Kalscheid in News – no comments. If you are a fan of Savage Dragon you might have come across the monthly interview Russ Burlingame does with Erik Larsen and — for the longest time — editor Gavin Higginbotham.
  2. “This hugely popular cartoon from the ‘90s introduced a generation of fans to the Savage Dragon comic and I’m pleased to see the show back on the air to introduce the next generation of fans to the Savage Dragon.” The Savage Dragon TV show debuted in 1995 and ran for 26 episodes over two seasons. The series’ appearance on Peacock this.

In recent months, we've noted how Savage Dragon, noted for pushing content acceptability over the decades, had been pushing it further regarding sexual content. With scenes and storylines closer in tone to Sex Criminals rather than classic Dragon.

Savage Dragon Cartoon Dvd Cartoon

In today's issue, Erik Larsen relishes in the content rating the comic now has.

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So this issue of Savage Dragon, which sees the return of the original Angel to the Dragon's Earth, started innocently… but included what could be seen as a Basic Instinct moment, or could be a colouring error. It seemed out of place, but Bleeding Cool advertising standards mean I must make censorship of my own… and using Erik Larsen's smiling face to do so.

I know that seems creepier than the original but what's a writer to do?

While Dragon is fighting alongside a new powered-up hero, whose powers have stripped her of her clothes, against energy-formed creatures with huge appendages, reminiscent of the homunculi in last week's Sex Criminals.

While back at home, Malcolm's wife Maxine is, basically, insatiable in Malcolm's absence.

You know that's gone in her eye. Oh and confirmation that the previous scene wasn't a colouring error…

Savage Dragon has been published for twenty-five years. What can I say, you do mad things in your twenties…

Savage Dragon #222 (a third of the number of the beast) by Erik Larsen is published today.

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I have a lot of time for the Savage Dragon comic book. One of the longest-running writer/artists books out there, Erik Larsen has taken the comic on quite a journey since he first created the character when he was a child, published small press comics featuring him, put him as an unnamed character in his Spider-Man/Wolverine comics in Marvel Comics Presents, and eventually published him when Larsen co-founded Image Comics.

There hasn't been a superhero comic that has run this long by one creator. Which has given the comic a unique shape, going through all the tropes and then forcing itself to go in different directions to avoid repetition. Going up against God. Having kids. Dying. And then having your child take over your book.

It's comparable to Walking Dead in taking what exists, what has existed and doing it longer, just seeing what comes next.

Savage Dragon Cartoon Episodes

With Savage Dragon this couple of years, Erik Larsen seems to have decided a lot of that is sex. The character has always had a sex drive, but with his son, Malcolm Dragon, it became a focus of the book. Especially with his girlfriend and mother of one of his children, Maxine, who is now with Malcolm being a mother to them all.

And who has encouraged threesomes. Foursomes. Given Malcolm Dragon the rides of his life. And this week's episode, as Malcolm gets a vasectomy and moves to Canada (the two things are not related), well it just goes to ludicrous levels. Beyond Sex Criminals levels.

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With sound effects to match.

And that's basically as much as we can show you. Of course, all this is inside the pages, it doesn't make it onto the front cover, where to all intents and purposes it looks like it always has done in the past, a quirky superhero comic rather than the all-out sex'n'Canadian politics comic it has become on the inside pages.

But it looks like April 2018 may change that, With this cover to Savage Dragon #233 that Erik Larsen put out there….

It has been noted by some Dragon readers that Maxine is a little on the hirsute side, certainly regarding fashion in some strata of society. It looks like that may be changing in the near future. Which has its own political – and physical – impact.

Savage Dragon Cartoon Dvd

Where's Frank Cho's 'Outrage' character when you need him? Of course, to some all this won't bat an eye, they are far more concerned about the character breaking the fourth wall…

(W) Erik Larsen (A/CA) Erik Larsen
'OH! CANADA!' Part Two
Relocated to the Great White North, Dragon faces a number of new challenges: a new job, a new home, a new life, and the return of the enigmatic villain, the Seeker. At long last-all of his secrets are revealed! This one comes with our highest possible recommendation!In Shops: Nov 22, 2017
SRP: $3.99

Savage Dragon Comic

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