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Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim.
Download 114 Holy Al-Quran Surah by Al-Afasy in mp3.

List of Surah Ar Rahman Mishary Rashid Alafasy Mp3 Download (12:12), Download surah-ar-rahman-mishary-rashid-alafasy-mp3-download.mp3 for free. Surah Ar Rahman Mishary Rashid Alafasy Mp3 Download (16.75 MB) song and listen to Surah Ar Rahman Mishary Rashid Alafasy Mp3 Download popular song on free full. download All Music.

All Surah recited by Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy, a Kuwaiti international-renowned Qari (reciter). He is the Imam of Masjid Al-Kabir (Grand Mosque) in Kuwait City.


He studied the Quran in the College of the Holy Quran at the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Afasy was voted by readers to be the Best Quran Reciter in the 2012 About.com Reader’s Choice Awards.

Want to listen all Surah by Al-Afasy? Listen 114 Quran Surah recitation by Al-Afasy online.

Download 114 Quran Surah Recitation by Al-Afasy

Here’s the list of 114 individual Quran Surah by Al-Afasy in mp3 with alternative download links:

###Quran SurahFile Link 1File Link 2English MeaningFile Size
001Al-FatihahDownloadDownloadThe Opening0.8 MB
002Al-BaqarahDownloadDownloadThe Cow115.6 MB
003Aali-ImranDownloadDownloadThe Family of Imran72.1 MB
004An-Nisa`DownloadDownloadThe Women73.2 MB
005Al-Ma`idahDownloadDownloadThe Food57.7 MB
006Al-An`amDownloadDownloadThe Cattle66.4 MB
007Al-A`rafDownloadDownloadThe Elevated Places76.2 MB
008Al-AnfalDownloadDownloadThe Spoils of War28 MB
009At-TaubahDownloadDownloadThe Repentance55.3 MB
010YunusDownloadDownloadYunus41.4 MB
011HudDownloadDownloadHud42.5 MB
012YusufDownloadDownloadYusuf38.5 MB
013Ar-Ra`dDownloadDownloadThe Thunder18.8 MB
014IbrahimDownloadDownloadIbrahim18.7 MB
015Al-HijrDownloadDownloadThe Rock14.6 MB
016An-NahlDownloadDownloadThe Bees38.8 MB
017Al-Isra`DownloadDownloadThe Night Journey30.5 MB
018Al-KahfDownloadDownloadThe Cave30.7 MB
019MaryamDownloadDownloadMaryam19.6 MB
020Ta-HaDownloadDownloadTa-Ha24.8 MB
021Al-Anbiya`DownloadDownloadThe Prophets24.2 MB
022Al-HajjDownloadDownloadThe Pilgrimage27 MB
023Al-Mu`minunDownloadDownloadThe Believers22.9 MB
024An-NurDownloadDownloadThe Light28.1 MB
025Al-FurqanDownloadDownloadThe Criterion16.8 MB
026Ash-Shu`araDownloadDownloadThe Poets28.1 MB
027An-NamlDownloadDownloadThe Ants24 MB
028Al-QasasDownloadDownloadThe Stories29.1 MB
029Al-`AnkabutDownloadDownloadThe Spider19.6 MB
030Ar-RumDownloadDownloadThe Romans17.9 MB
031LuqmanDownloadDownloadLuqman10.9 MB
032As-SajdahDownloadDownloadThe Adoration8 MB
033Al-AhzabDownloadDownloadThe Combined Forces26.8 MB
034Saba`DownloadDownloadThe Sabeans17.4 MB
035Al-FatirDownloadDownloadThe Creator16.1 MB
036Ya-SinDownloadDownloadYa-Sin16.2 MB
037As-SaffatDownloadDownloadThe Rangers22.3 MB
038SaádDownloadDownloadSaád16.3 MB
039Az-ZumarDownloadDownloadThe Companies24.9 MB
040GhafirDownloadDownloadThe Forgiving One24.1 MB
041FussilatDownloadDownloadDistinguished17.7 MB
042Ash-ShuraDownloadDownloadThe Counsel17.9 MB
043Az-ZukhrufDownloadDownloadThe Gold18.7 MB
044Ad-DukhanDownloadDownloadThe Smoke9 MB
045Al-JathiyahDownloadDownloadThe Kneeling9.9 MB
046Al-AhqafDownloadDownloadThe Valley14.6 MB
047MuhammadDownloadDownloadMuhammad11.3 MB
048Al-Fat`hDownloadDownloadThe Victory11 MB
049Al-HujuratDownloadDownloadThe Chambers7.9 MB
050QafDownloadDownloadQaf8.5 MB
051Adh-DhariyatDownloadDownloadThe Scatterers8.3 MB
052At-TurDownloadDownloadThe Mountain7.4 MB
053An-NajmDownloadDownloadThe Star7 MB
054Al-QamarDownloadDownloadThe Moon7.4 MB
055Ar-RahmanDownloadDownloadThe Merciful10.4 MB
056Al-Waqi`ahDownloadDownloadThe Event10.9 MB
057Al-HadidDownloadDownloadhe Iron12.6 MB
058Al-MujadilahDownloadDownloadThe Reasoning9.4 MB
059Al-HashrDownloadDownloadThe Gathering9.6 MB
060Al-MumtahanahDownloadDownloadThe Tested6.9 MB
061As-SaffDownloadDownloadThe Row4.5 MB
062Al-Jumu`ahDownloadDownloadThe Day of Congregation3.3 MB
063Al-MunafiqunDownloadDownloadThe Hypocrites3.9 MB
064At-TaghabunDownloadDownloadThe Cheating5 MB
065At-TalaqDownloadDownloadThe Divorce5.5 MB
066At-TahrimDownloadDownloadThe Prohibition5.7 MB
067Al-MulkDownloadDownloadThe Kingdom7 MB
068Al-QalamDownloadDownloadThe Pen7 MB
069Al-HaqqahDownloadDownloadThe Inevitable6.2 MB
070Al-Ma`arijDownloadDownloadThe Ladders4.9 MB
071NuhDownloadDownloadNuh4.3 MB
072Al-JinnDownloadDownloadThe Jinn5.1 MB
073Al-MuzammilDownloadDownloadThe Wrapped3.7 MB
074Al-MuddaththirDownloadDownloadThe Clothed5 MB
075Al-QiyamahDownloadDownloadThe Resurrection3.2 MB
076Al-InsanDownloadDownloadThe Human4.8 MB
077Al-MursalatDownloadDownloadThe Emissaries4.6 MB
078An-Naba`DownloadDownloadThe Great News4.5 MB
079An-Nazi`atDownloadDownloadThose Who Pull Out3.9 MB
080`AbasaDownloadDownloadHe Frowned3.4 MB
081At-TakwirDownloadDownloadThe Overthrowing2.4 MB
082Al-InfitarDownloadDownloadThe Cleaving2.1 MB
083Al-MutaffifeenDownloadDownloadThe Defrauders4.7 MB
084Al-InshiqaqDownloadDownloadThe Rending2.4 MB
085Al-BurujDownloadDownloadThe Stars3 MB
086At-TariqDownloadDownloadThe Night-Comer1.5 MB
087Al-A`laDownloadDownloadThe Most High1.6 MB
088Al-GhashiyahDownloadDownloadThe Overwhelming2.1 MB
089Al-FajrDownloadDownloadThe Dawn3.3 MB
090Al-BaladDownloadDownloadThe City1.8 MB
091Ash-ShamsDownloadDownloadThe Sun1.3 MB
092Al-LailDownloadDownloadThe Night1.7 MB
093Ad-DuhaDownloadDownloadThe Early Hours1 MB
094Al-SharhDownloadDownloadThe Expansion0.7 MB
095At-TinDownloadDownloadThe Fig1 MB
096Al-`AlaqDownloadDownloadThe Clot1.5 MB
097Al-QadrDownloadDownloadThe Night of Decree0.7 MB
098Al-BaiyyinahDownloadDownloadThe Proof1.9 MB
099Az-ZalzalahDownloadDownloadThe Shaking0.9 MB
100Al-`AdiyatDownloadDownloadThe Runners1.1 MB
101Al-Qari`ahDownloadDownloadThe Terrible Calamity1 MB
102At-TakathurDownloadDownloadThe Piling Up1 MB
103Al-`AsrDownloadDownloadThe Time0.4 MB
104Al-HumazahDownloadDownloadThe Slanderer0.9 MB
105Al-FilDownloadDownloadThe Elephant0.8 MB
106Al-QuraishDownloadDownloadThe Quraish0.7 MB
107Al-Ma`unDownloadDownloadThe Assistance0.9 MB
108Al-KautharDownloadDownloadAbundance0.4 MB
109Al-KafirunDownloadDownloadThe Unbelievers0.8 MB
110An-NasrDownloadDownloadThe Help0.5 MB
111Al-MasadDownloadDownloadThe Palm Fibre0.6 MB
112Al-IkhlasDownloadDownloadThe Unity0.3 MB
113Al-FalaqDownloadDownloadThe Daybreak0.5 MB
114An-NasDownloadDownloadMankind0.8 MB

Wrong links or having problems in downloading? Please let us know the issue. Don’t forget to recite the Quran regularly and share it with others. May Allah (SWT) bless us.

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This is the best App of Surah Rahman with urdu translation. This app is free for All Android Mobile Phones & it is working very fast.Surah Rahman (سورة الرحمن) which is also known

This is the best App of Surah Rahman with urdu translation. This app is free for All Android Mobile Phones & it is working very fast.

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