A great BitTorrent client is all well and good, but you need a great tracker to get the actual torrent files and stoke the bandwidth burning fire in your client of choice. Here's a rundown of. Pros: huge selection and content variety, easy to navigate, good torrent quality. Nicely timed at the start of the new college year, a new BitTorrent site dedicated to sharing knowledge in the form of textbooks has surfaced. Torrent My Book - a project run by two college. In like manner, the book darlings can likewise investigate their coveted book with the assistance of book title, writer name, and subject. 16) FreeBookSpot: FreeBookSpot is a main and best torrent site that you can utilize only for book investigation. Bibliotik is a private e-learning tracker or a private torrent website. It has a vast collection of eBooks and audiobooks in several formats. It mainly consists of comics, journals, magazines and e-learning apps. Being a private tracker, this portal requires you to receive an invitation from an existing member for signing up.

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  5. Textbook Torrent Tracker Free

The launch of a new EBook or a Text Book torrent tracker is always exciting news. Although there are several private trackers that are focused on tracking E-Learning content, there has always been room for more sites with similar content. It looks almost as if the gap left by TextbookTorrents a couple of years back is still left open. Torrent My Books (TMB) is a new site that could probably fill this gap – the site aims to index electronic versions of books and text books all in one place. Unlike most torrent sites we feature on this blog, TMB is not a private tracker. It’s rather a public torrent index which does not operate a BitTorrent tracker - .torrent files are hosted on TMB but it users external trackers (such as OpenBitTorrent or TPB trackers) to facilitate the downloads.

Launched on the 1st of Septemeber, TMB is a brand new entrant to the BitTorrent community. The site’s official description of itself (as mentioned in the FAQ page) is “Torrent My Books is a torrent search engine and indexer for all things relating to books. Our goal is to become the number one source for providing users with an endless supply of digital books”.

Although it hasn’t even been a week since the site’s launch, TMB has managed to pile up around 200 torrents, some of these packs and collections. The site appears to index a variety of books ranging from science, business, arts, chemistry, physic, mathematics, programming and even fiction and some comics. A screenshot showing several of the indexed torrents can be seen below:

As mentioned earlier this is a public tracker. The site supports both standard downloads as well as magnet links. Registration is not mandatory to download or upload torrents. Additionally, users are not bound by ratio requirements or hit and run policies (although it’s recommended that you seed back what you download).

Site Name: Torrent My Books (http://torrentmybooks.com/)

Signup URL: http://torrentmybooks.com/register.php (Optional)

Twitter Feed: http://twitter.com/torrentmybooks

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Private trackers are available on the closed torrenting websites, the one that is not made for public usage. There are many reasons to use private trackers. You get high download speeds, and you can carelessly download all the files without worrying for virus or any malware.

99% of the time, all the data is genuine, and it gets the job done. People all over the world are switching to private trackers, and it’s time we cover this topic and introduce our readers to the practice of private torrenting.

How to get Private trackers?

Private trackers work just like the regular torrents which are available to the public. But, there’s one small catch. You have to maintain a download and upload ratio, i.e., Seed and Leech ratio. In simple terms, you have to upload to access the downloads.

Suppose you transferred a movie of 2GB then you also have to upload files worth of 2GB to maintain the right balance. If a particular user fails to upload or download too many files and in case the ratio is not balanced, then users will lose access to their accounts.

We strongly recommend users to access these websites via VPN to stay anonymous while visiting the sites or to unlock the ones which are censored in your location. Do not use free VPNs as they may risk your privacy by selling your data. You can get Surfshark VPN with unlimited device support. Worried about the price? Use Surfshark coupons and get the best price. There are multiple ways to access private trackers. Generally, these sites ask a user to subscribe to their premium plans.

Some of them work on the bases of invites only. Here you must get an invite from any of the old members. You can also show your upload: download ratio to join some of the elite private trackers. There’s also a dedicated subreddit to let everyone know regarding the private torrents open for signup.

Best Private trackers to enhance the torrenting experience

Torrent Textbook Site

For a regular user, it might be a bit of hassle to get invites; paying for a subscription is always a choice. Here in this piece, we have covered the best private trackers open for registration2019, with a mix of invite based, premium, and free sites.

They are of varied niche such as Computer Graphics, E-Books, E-Learning, Movies & Tv Shows, etc. Majority of these websites can be accessed easily by regular users. In the end, we also share some tips to maintain or increase the ratio of leech & seed.

Also, you can keep a watch on the forum where you can request and get torrent invites, like – r/invites, r/trackers, invites. Grabbing an invite can be a bit of hassle for normal users out there; you can keep an eye on torrent-invites for limited & open private torrenting sites.

1. CGPeers & GFXPeers

This private tracker is heaven for Designers and Art enthusiast. You can get all sort of VFX, and premium animations in here. If you’re new to private trackers and have a love for designs, then this is the right choice to start. Here you have to maintain the download & upload ratio of more than 0.1.

An ideal ratio is always 1 and having more then one is still useful as you can download multiple graphics related content. CGPeers & GFXPeers are currently accepting new registrations. Usually, you get to join CGPeers every 1st & 15th of any month. Users start with 5GB upload status to transfer the equivalent amount of files. The difficulty level of entering is easy.

  • Content: Design & art content
  • Registration type: Open
  • Access CGPeers from here.
  • Access GFXPeers from here.

2. Gazelle Games

If you are a gaming enthusiast Gazelle Games is the best private tracker to download thousands of games. It has more than 65,000 games database which is suited for Windows, PlayStation, and NintendoDS.

The website uses a unique user management system to remove inactive accounts monthly. It calculates the number of MB’s you uploaded to the server. The more you upload and active you are not will be deleted. If they find your account inactive, then you can expect an account deletion.

  • Content: Games
  • Registration type: Upon request
  • Access Gazelle Games from here

3. DigitalCore

Download Textbook Torrents Free

Here you can find all sort of content from TVShows and Movies, games, educational courses, etc. You get a week of free leeching as soon as you join. The limit though is of 25GB with a ration of 100. They encourage users to keep a well-balanced ratio in order to continue downloading.

It also has VIP membership subscription where users can get unlimited downloads for a week or more than that as per the pricing. It also offers a free leech section where you get to download torrents without losing your ratio. Currently, it is open for registration and is quite easy to join.

  • Content: TV Shows and Movies
  • Registration type: Open
  • Access DigitalCore from here.

4. Nostalgic

It is another private tracker which has all the things you craved about when you were a kid. It’s the best place to find all the old stuff you watched while growing up. It has all sort of old movies, TV-shows, music, games, and much more things. Overall it has an average level of difficulty to get inside of this site. You need to fill up a form where you have to convince admin that you are a legit user and will maintain a good ratio.

  • Content: Old movies and music
  • Registration type: Upon request
  • Access to Nostalgic from here.

5. Ebook-Shares & EbookParadijs

EbookParadijs a dutch private tracker specially tailored for ebooks. Don’t worry about the foreign language; you can always translate the page by installing google translate extension for any browser you use.

On the other hand, you have a normal Ebook-Shares, which is again similar to the previous one but in the English language. Both features almost all the best selling original ebooks without any adverts. You need to maintain a good ratio of seed and leech. This private tracker is open for registration.

  • Content: e-Books
  • Registration type: Open
  • Access EbookParadijs from here.
  • Access Ebook-Shares from here.

6. IPTorrents

This is for all the general content. It has over 7-lac active torrents ready to download. Users can interact and request on their IRC channel. It has a strict policy of maintaining the ratio. Overall it’s an excellent choice for any of the users as it offers a variety of content that includes and is not limited to anime, software, e-books, movies & TV-shows, music, and other miscellaneous files. Currently, it is an invite-only private tracker, but they usually open the sign-up section every month, so keep a watch out to get into this platform.

  • Content: General
  • Registration type: Open occasionally
  • Access IPTorrents from here.

7. Bibliotik

Bibliotik has a huge library of 30k torrents which are actively seeded by every member of the site. It has a user base of over 7,500 people who are actively contributing their uploads to maintain the seeds and peer ratio. The site has a huge collection of e-books of all types and genres. Users need to maintain the balance between downloading and uploading ratios to avoid getting banned.

Bibliotik has many types of files seeding actively which public trackers won’t have. If you won’t find any file public trackers, try Bibliotik.

  • Content: e-Books
  • Registration type: Hard
  • Access Bibliotik from here.

Choosing the best Private tracker

As you already know that private trackers are famous for enforcing tight policies upon their users, it is quintessential to follow it and stay active. If you’re inactive for a certain period, you might lose access to your account. So choose wisely and signup for the trackers you see a perfect fit your daily Torrenting adventure.

Furthermore, maintaining a good ratio is also essential. You can easily manage it by seeding the torrents, sharing new torrent files or using free or paid online seeding tools such as seedbox. Another strategy is to download & seed or upload and seed files that are in trend and are sure to fetch hundreds of downloads within wee hours of the upload.

Before going to start, get a good VPN

It is a clear practice that the ISP’s collect your personal information and browsing history when you use their service. It is always advisable to use a VPN service to hide online. Private trackers are safer than the public torrents, however, when you make a request it leaks your IP address. To avoid all these personal information collection activities, a good VPN will block all the activities done by ISP’s. So before going to use a Torrent, shield your online activity by using a good and reliable VPN service.

1. Express VPN

When it comes to torrenting, we need some special qualities in the VPN service. As we know torrenting is related to fast speeds and high bandwidth, we need a strong VPN with unlimited speed and bandwidth service. ExpressVPN is an all-round performer for every online related activity. It keeps your Torrent activity purely anonymous and it has a kill switch to cut the cord in case of any sudden connection drop.

When it comes to choosing a secured VPN service we should take care of its jurisdiction. Many popular VPN services which promise 100% anonymity are working under the 14 eyes surveillance. ExpressVPN is registered in the British Virgin Islands, which is completely out of all the spying eyes.

Staying anonymous is the first priority while using a torrent service. ExpressVPN has best in class protection with assured no traffic, DNS request, IP address, timestamp and bandwidth logs. ExpressVPN is our first choice for regular torrent users.

2. NordVPN

A trusted name in the VPN industry with no remarks of IP or any user privacy leak. NordVPN uses strong double encryption technology to provide an extra layer of security for torrent users. All of your activity is going through 2048-bit SSL encryption which is impossible to break. The company is also a promising zero-logging policy which means they don’t access or store any of your personal information and online activity.

Torrent Textbook Pdf

Coming to speed, NorVPN has best in class servers located all over the world which gives robust speed performance. For torrenting NordVPN is perfectly suitable and it can deliver very high-speed data transfer for downloading large torrent files. Additional features include Zero leaks: IP/DNS/WebRTC, unlimited bandwidth, no traffic or file type monitoring, and can unblock Netflix as well.

Textbook Torrent Tracker Online

Do let us know your favorite private tracker and share this article with your friends to spread the word.

Textbook Torrent Tracker Free

Note: We don’t encourage piracy in any manner. This article is only to educate our readers with the existence of private trackers. Nor the author or the publisher is responsible for the actions any of the readers choose to take after gaining insights from this piece of content.