Released November 2003 The Annual series from Ministry of Sound can be relied upon year after year to show other dance compilations exactly how its done. Released May 8, 2004. The End of Heartache Tracklist. The title track was nominated for Best Metal Performance for the 47th Annual Grammy Awards. In 2005, a special edition of the album was.


Ministry Of Sound The Annual 2004

TitlePerformer / ComposerTime
Flashdance Deep Dish 5:16
3 A. M. Bobby Blanco 3:50
Dusk Til Dawn Erire / Danny Howells 5:04
Doing My Own Thing Kid Crème 5:04
Get Up Stand Up Stellar Project 5:54
Esperanza Penn+Chus 5:04
Mind Games Raoul Express 5:50
Sex & Sun Aloud 2:32
That’s More Like It Skylark 4:03
Mongobonix Harry “Choo Choo” Romero 2:32
Woz Not Woz Steve Angello 5:20
So High Static Revenger 4:19
Voodoo Love Lee Cabrera Pres. Phase 2 5:20
Rocking Music Martin Solveig 5:27
Is It ‘Cos I’m Cool? Mousse T 3:37
A Stronger Man Ben Watt Feat. Sananda Maitreya 3:37
TitlePerformer / ComposerTime
Why Shiny Grey 7:04
The Calling Lingua Franca 4:54
To the Club Spankox 5:18
Pleasure from the Bass Tiga 4:08
David GusGus 4:50
Believe in Angels Dark Suite 2:53
Rumba Magic Brick City 4:31
Groovin’ You DJ Copa 3:21
Gipsy Gipsy 3:54
Appreciate Me Amuka Feat. Sheila Brody 4:45
Yimanya Filterheadz 4:14
As the Rush Comes Motorcycle 7:28
Salex (Close to the Edge) Michael Woods 6:29
The Age of Love The Age of Love 3:58
Holding on to Nothing Agnelli & Nelson 4:37
Nocturnal Creatures (Take My Hand) Darren Tate 2:52
The Second Annual Report
Studio album / Live album by
ReleasedNovember 1977
Recorded18 October 1976 – 3 September 1977
Throbbing Gristle chronology
The Second Annual Report
D.o.A: The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle

The Second Annual Report is the debut album by English industrial music group Throbbing Gristle, released in November 1977 through Industrial Records. It is a combination of live and studio recordings made from October 1976 to September 1977.

The Second Annual Report is considered to be influential within electronic music, being one of the first industrial music albums.[1]


The original vinyl edition went through several pressings. Industrial Records's original pressing totaled 785 copies, while Fetish Records pressed 2,000 copies. Fetish would press the album twice more after the original Industrial Records master plates were destroyed. The third edition was included in the five-album Throbbing Gristle box set; the album was recut to play backwards and included a chamber orchestra on the track 'After Cease to Exist'. The Fetish plates were reused to cut pressings made by Mute Records and Celluloid Records, the latter of which was supposedly released without the band's permission. (At the very least, the Celluloid issue is known to have poor sound quality.)[2] Towards the very end of 'Maggot Death (Live at Brighton)', 'Down on the Street' by The Stooges can be heard during the fade-out.


Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
The Austin Chronicle[4]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide[5]
Spin Alternative Record Guide6/10[6]

Michael Bonner of Uncut described the music as 'a dystopian churn of smoke and asbestos dust' and 'queerly hypnotic'.[7]The Vinyl Factory's Anton Spice acknowledged the role of the album with its provocative subject matter in establishing Throbbing Gristle's reputation as a transgressive figure in underground electronic music.[8]

The annual 2004 cd 2

Thirty-Second Annual Report[edit]

In 2008, a limited-edition album titled Thirty-Second Annual Report, or The Thirty-Second Annual Report of Throbbing Gristle, was released in commemoration of the thirtieth anniversary of The Second Annual Report, as well as to mark the official re-activation of the Industrial Records label.[9] The 12' 180gm vinyl LP comprises a recording of Throbbing Gristle's live performance at La Villette in Paris on 6 June 2008, which was a reinterpretation of their original album, and is limited to 777 copies. This album is pre-framed in bespoke, high-quality white gloss acrylic with an easy access clear window for removal of the record/sleeve so that the buyer can play the album and then reseal it in the frame. Accompanying the packaged vinyl is a special 'black' extended CD version, which includes extra tracks that would not fit on the LP format. There is a version of the recording available for download, but the track lengths are different from the vinyl edition.

Track listing[edit]

Side A
1.'Industrial Introduction'1:03
2.'Slug Bait' (Live at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London)4:18
3.'Slug Bait' (Live at Southampton)2:43
4.'Slug Bait' (Live at Brighton)1:17
5.'Maggot Death' (Studio Recording)2:47
6.'Maggot Death' (Live at Rat Club)4:32
7.'Maggot Death' (Live at Southampton)1:34
8.'Maggot Death' (Live at Brighton)0:57
Side B
1.'After Cease to Exist – The Original Soundtrack of the COUM Transmissions Film'20:16
Total length:39:32

The Annual 2004 Tracklist 5


  • The positions of the live version at Rat Club and the studio version of Maggot Death are swapped on the 2011 remastered edition's first disc.
The Annual 2004 Tracklist
Bonus tracks
10.'Zyklon B Zombie'3:52
The Annual 2004 Tracklist
2011 remastered edition bonus disc
10.'No Two Ways' (Live at the Winchester Hat Fair 1967)4:03
11.'Last Exit' (Live at Polytechnic, Brighton 1977)6:12
12.'Forced Entry' (Live at Nuffield Theatre, Southampton 1977)5:01
13.'Tesco Disco' (Live at Rat Club, London 1977)5:18
14.'Feeling Critical' (Live at the Winchester School of Art 1977)6:29
15.'National Affront' (Live at Nuffield Theatre, Southampton 1977)4:30
16.'Urge to Kill' (Live at Rat Club, London 1977)7:25
17.'Zyklon B Zombie'3:53
Total length:46:54


According to AllMusic:

  • Genesis P-Orridge – bass, clarinet, guitar, liner notes, violin, vocals
  • Chris Carter – synthesizers, programming, mixing, photography
  • Cosey Fanni Tutti – guitar, liner notes, photography, vocals
  • Peter Christopherson – processing, tape, trumpet, unknown contributor role


The Annual 2004 Tracklist 21

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