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As I’ve mentioned before, I’m on a journey to write and perform English versions of my favorite Chinese pop songs. So far, it’s been both a lot of fun and a lot of frustrating work, because there’s so much to learn and, frankly, I wish my voice were better.

Having said that, here’s my first song :). Perhaps I’ll copy 52 to ZHU (what a story!) and publish a new track every week for 52 weeks, to force myself to put stuff out there, however unready it might feel.

Wong's previous two albums, Michael's First Album and Ray of Light, stirred up a fan base but did not make much ground in terms of record sales.His fans had to wait another two years before Wong finally launched his third album, Fairy Tale.After rejecting the first few songs he listed himself for the album with his sense of perfection, Wong eventually re-selected some songs himself. Lyrics to 'Tong Hua' by Michael Wong (光良). Wang le you duo jiu Zai mei ting dao ni Dui wo shuo ni zui ai de gu shi Wo xiang le hen jiu Wo kai shi wang le. 1022-Bi Er De Ge 1022-比爾的歌 By Bomb比爾 Pinyin Lyrics And English Translation Lang Zi Jian Hua 浪子閒話 By Hua Tong 花僮 Pinyin Lyrics; Ni Yi Wang Ji Dan Wo Hai Ji De De Shi 你已忘記但我還記得的事 By Astro Bunny 原子邦妮 Pinyin Lyrics And English Translation. Keywords: Tong Hua Fairy Tale Guang Liang Michael Kong Michael Wong Kong Leong music video Chinese song lyrics English translation Malaysia Taiwan Michael and Victor youtube Published at Sunday, December 04, 2005.

Fairy Tale (an English version)

The Chinese-English version (I think this one sounds better than the English-only version):

The English version:

The English lyrics and sheet music

:13 Time stops between us
:17 Your voice is still
:20 I can’t fight the feeling of what my heart wills
:27 The hush is heavy
:31 I start to worry
:34 Where is the sound of your favorite story?

:41 You cry into my chest
:45 Those fairy tales were meant for kids
:48 Life never ends with true love’s last kiss
:55 If only you could know
:58 The secret of my heart’s quest
1:02 I’ll be your prince, and save my princess

1:09 I will become everything
1:13 You thought fairy tales would bring
1:16 Open my arms
1:19 Fly you far upon my wings
1:23 You must believe
1:25 That together we will write a love story
1:30 Hand in hand, soaring high above the seas

1:47 You cry into my chest
1:51 Those fairy tales were meant for kids
1:54 Life never ends with true love’s last kiss
2:02 If only you could know
2:04 The secret of my heart’s quest
2:08 I am your prince, and you’re my princess


2:15 I will become everything
2:18 You thought fairy tales would bring
2:22 Open my arms
2:24 Fly you far upon my wings
2:29 You must believe
2:31 That together we will write a love story
2:37 Hand in hand, soaring high above the seas

2:43 We will become everything
2:47 You thought fairy tales would bring
2:50 Open my arms
2:52 Fly you far upon my wings
2:56 You must believe
2:59 That together we will write a love story
3:04 Hand in hand, soaring high above the seas

(I still need to make a chords chart for just the melody and chords, the above sheet music is really only for piano!)

the Process

In keeping with the site’s spirit, I’ll try to share everything interesting and useful. So roughly the steps to create this track were:

1. Pick a song! And find an instrumental track. Tong Hua is an amazing song, one of the most popular Chinese karaoke songs. It’s just so nice and beautiful. I found the instrumental track on YouTube, so it isn’t the highest quality. Later, I’d like to sing and perform it simultaneously on piano, and then guitar. I did a piano version (with some violin synths) with a producer in LA which sounds like this, if you’re curious, but I need to buy a keyboard before I sing and play it simultaneously

Tong hua lyrics english jason chen

2. Write the lyrics (scroll down for the complete lyrics and sheet music). This is the part I enjoy most and the reason I started this project. My moonshot-dream is to inspire Chinese pop stars to create great, authentic English renditions of their songs and promote them in the US! Kpop is just getting bigger and bigger and I think there’s a real opportunity for what China’s good at: ballads and sappy music. I also think there’s crossover potential with country music, but I’m biased, having grown up in Austin

Tong Hua Lyrics Pinyin

3. Perform the song. I used a Yeti USB mic and my laptop for recording. My singing needs a lot of work. I take lessons, which have been tremendously helpful. But my voice is naturally baritone-to-bass and pop, especially Cpop, is typically tenor and oh-so-high. For this song I had to knock it down three semi-tones (from F# to Eb) so the notes are reachable. My most comfortable range is probably another semi-tone or two lower, but then, it might not sound like Fairy Tale as it was conceived. So, this is a work in progress…and open to other solutions, like duets

Tong Hua Lyrics English Translation

4. Edit the song in Logic Pro. I’ve learned a lot about editing and producing music but it’s barely the tippy top of the massive production iceberg. There is an INCREDIBLE amount you can do to manipulate every aspect of the sound. I prefer to keep the performance authentic and *largely* unadulterated (for example, I don’t use pitch correction or any timing tools, but the edits do add qualities like reverb, EQ tweaks, noise cleanup).

What’s next?

YouTube! Yes, I’d like to start a channel. I’m so inspired by what guys like Jason Chen and Boyce Avenue have accomplished. I think there’s a market to take Cpop and localize it for English audiences and I want to be part of that future. Plus, it’d be a true learning experience: how to perform live, how to create video, how to promote on YouTube.

And, I’d like to both sing and play the song on piano when I launch on YouTube. And after piano comes the guitar! While I can play piano decently, I’m a guitar noob. But what a beautiful and pure (and portable!) instrument

Tong Hua Michael Wong Lyrics English

The next song up is The Moon Represents My Heart (月亮代表我的心) by Theresa Teng (邓丽君). A true oldie of my parents’ generation, but a song that never gets old. Even Bon Jovi did a Mandarin cover! Artists after that will include Lin JunJie, Jay Chou (lots of Jay), David Tao, etc. Always looking for great new Chinese music. Please share!

Tong hua michael wong lyrics

Guang Liang Tong Hua

Finally, if you’re interested in stuff like this: as a listener, a singer, a musician, anything, reach out. That’s the best part of all this, meeting people! Thanks!