Transfer wii to wii u without deleting passwords

You will need to download the Wii Transfer Tool on both the Wii and the Wii U in order to properly initiate the transfer. Watch the video above for more help on this. Users should note that once data is transferred from the Wii to the Wii U, the data is permanently deleted from the Wii. @nintendobynature For the transfer the consoles have to be online (for checking your account and for migrating your digital rights to the Wii U) but if I remember correctly you only need an SD.

The Wii U can transfer data from an older Wii using a new channel called the 'Wii U Transfer Tool' which Nintendo has made available. However, the instructions state that once the data is transferred off the Wii to the Wii U, the data is permanently deleted from the Wii and cannot be restored. According to the Wii U Manual.

Wii Backup Manager is an excellent program that can manage FAT32, NTFS and WBFS drives and convert between ISO, CISO, and WBFS files. The guide below will show you how to add ISO imagesTransfer Wii To Wii U Without Deleting to your FAT32 drive. The program splits your ISO images into 4GB parts when transferring to a FAT32 drive as that is the maximum size.

  • A computer with a WBFS, FAT32 or NTFS USB device inserted (FAT32 recommended, a guide on how to format can be found here).
Transfer Wii To Wii U Without DeletingLinks
  • Wii Backup Manager:

1. Click on Drive 1 and choose your drive letter.

You will now see all games that you have on the Drive. Notice that there is information about your drive on the bottom.
Wii u transfer tool

Transfer Wii To Wii U Without Deleting Passwords

2. After you have selected your drive in the Drive 1 tab, you can choose individual ISO, cISO or WBFS files or a folder to add to your drive.
Go to the Files Tab. Then choose 'Add', then 'Files' or 'Folder'.

3. Choose what games/images you want to transfer by using the check boxes. Then click on Transfer and choose Drive 1.

Let the program do it's work and your games will be on the Drive!

Wii Backup Manager can do drive to drive transfers in any combination of FAT32, NTFS & WBFS filesystems. Just set your drives on the Drive 1 and Drive 2 tabs. Choose what games you want to transfer from whatever drive by using the check boxes. Then click on Transfer and choose the opposing drive.

What you'll need:

  • Two SD cards, one for the Wii and one for the Wii U
  • A PC with an SD card reader

On the Wii:

  • Copy Save game in question to SD card

On the Wii U

  • Go into Wii emulation mode
  • Insert the game you want to swap saves for, and launch it
  • Quit the game
  • Go to the Wii menu and click on the 'Wii' button in the bottom left corner
  • Go to Data Management
  • Copy the Save game file from the internal memory to the SD card

On your PC

  • Insert the Wii SD card using a cardreader
  • Copy the Wii folder inside the private folder to your hard drive somewhere you can find it
  • Eject the Wii SD card, and mount the Wii U SD card
  • Open the private folder -> wii -> title
  • Look at the code for the game, a four letter code
  • Find the corresponding folder in the copied
  • Wii save game data
  • Copy the contents of that folder into the Wii U SD card folder with the same name
  • Eject the Wii U SD card

Back on the Wii U:

Nintendo Switch Wii U Transfer

  • Insert the SD card
  • In Wii emulation mode, go back to the Data Management screen
  • Erase the save game information from the Wii U internal memory
  • Copy the save game info from the SD card to internal memory

Upgrade Wii To Wii U

Voila! Launch the game and you should see the save game data from your Wii, now on the Wii U. It worked for me for Zelda Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles. I'm very happy I figured this out, because I didn't want to move my Virtual Console games over from the Wii, but I did want to free my save game files for these two long games that I had already put 20+ hours into. Success!