I have a sony vaio OEM computer with a giga pocket tv tuner, but after a reformat, the gigapocket driver won't install, and the sony driver recovery dvd says the computer is not a valid sony computer(i think i used a dell windows XP disc). There is no driver on sony's website, and sony support tells me some BS about not supporting new operating systems (I simply reinstalled the XP home that was already there to begin with). A quick google doesn't really turn anything up.
So, basically, does anyone know where I can get drivers to run the sony giga pocket, or if it is actually a rebadged card from someone else, or what my options are?
The Sony is a PCV-RS422X
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Sony Vaio Tv Tuner Software

At the 'VAIO Original Function Settings' screen, click 'Next'. At the 'License Agreement' dialog, read the agreement, then, if you agree, click 'I Agree' to continue with the installation. At the 'Finished' screen, click Finish. The installation of the VAIO Original Function Settings Software is complete. TV Tuner Card Driver (Windows 7 32bit, Windows Vista 32bit) Download. (For more information about how to recover your VAIO to its original state, please clickhere.) Furthermore, on most VAIO computers.