Digitech created an innovative product when they designed the Vocalist VHM5 and it was, not surprisingly, voted Product Of The Year. Now that it's available in rackmount form, it will probably be even more popular. The Digitech Vocalist is a unique product — it's simply magic. Further Information. The VHM5 is capable of many voices and generate choirs from a lead vocal. Practical tool for use on stage or in the studio, with an extraordinary quality. Line inputs, microphone jack / XLR. Control via keyboard or interface / MIDI keyboard in. Mixing dry / effect. 9v power supply.

just picked this little darlin' up today ($50, it even includes the box and manual!), along with a Big Muff ($16 -- i think they call this one the 'Pi'?). awesome effects here! well, really i'm mainly referring to the VHM5. i've never actually owned a standalone harmonizer and i'm now wondering how i ever got along without it!...
DigitechSaleokay, i can't really sing very well, so i'm mostly limited to monotone drone-type vocals, as well as vocoder and whispered/raspy noises. even so, this thing opens up a lot of new areas for exploration and warping. there are a few presets (actually several) that are fantastic. what a fun device. what's extra cool is that there's an inbuilt keyboard on the unit that allows you to just tap the key you want to sing in on the fly, as you go. it also accepts midi for note and chord changes, but i haven't learned all that (i will, though). what i'm most pleased with is how straight-forward this thing is to use, and how quickly you can flick around amongst the different sound choices (each offering 4 'quick settings' from the front panel).Vhm5

Vhm5 Digitech Band

i'm currently (as in right now) using it to thicken my usual vocals, and i'm screwin' around with the vocoder settings. the vocoders are okay, but they don't come close to the others i already own... at least they don't right now. i'll have to see how much i can tweak them to taste. what's really exciting is just how much this beefs up one's voice -- it takes my normally somewhat thin voice and really 'rounds it out'. for a real/professional singer it might be awful, but for my purposes, it's fanastic!
Downloadanyone used one of these before? why didn't anyone tell me about these things?!
as for the Big Muff, it's my first. i've never tried one before, so i was just taking a chance on it, but for the price, i couldn't pass it up. it's cool. as far as standalone fuzz/OD/distort. boxes, this makes my third, alongside a MT-2 and a DS-1. i'd say it sort of falls between the two to my untrained ear; it's certainly smoother and chunkier than the MT-2 (what isn't?) but it sounds more capable of harder, more aggressive distortion than the DS-1. i'm not much of a fuzz fancier, but it seems to do the job. i plan to stick it after my ER-1 and other drum boxes and see what comes out.

Digitech Vocalist Vhm5 Manual Download

Vocalistoh, and the obligatory pic:

Vhm5 Digitech Studio