The Guntō which carriedout many soldiers and fate of both wasconfiscated by defeat, and the many were discarded.

WwII japanese military Army binoculars old antique samurai sword collectible Details » Buy Now for $599.99 » Buy: $599.99 Ships: Free: $599.99: 10 hrs 58 mins. Types of WWII Japanese swords made. The Toyokawa Naval Arsenal was the primary manufacturer of the mass-produced WWII Japanese sword. These swords resemble the traditional slung tachi that was used a lot from 1185 to 1332. Japanese soldiers were required to wear a sword because it inspired national pride, and these swords indicated the rank of. A late war, circa 1944, Japanese naval officer's kai gunto with interesting / debated mei and provenance. You can tell it is late war because the tsuka (handle) has black pitch / paint, not rayskin under the 'ito' bindings, as the Japanese suffered terribly sourcing raw materials for their failing war effort.

The Guntōwas a big field without an example in the history of bothsides of quantity and organization employment to a Japanese sword.
However, since it participatedin war, it has continued being ignoredprejudicially which does not become a reason. History proves 'those whoignore history step on the again same track.' Don't forget history.
The figure of a Guntōleave here, and the soul of the soldiers who sacrificed themselves tothe country is calmed.
Gun = military, Tō orKatana = sword,
Guntō = military sword, Shin = new, Kyū =old,

Table of contents
 Mountingdescription:(Only for English)(New)
Changes of a mountingThe name of each part of aGuntōScabbard,Spring clip, & Tassel

Mounting-metal partsDetails of a mounting(4p)(New)
 Thekind of Guntō: (Combined use of Japanese and English)
Army officers Type 94 (3p)Army officers Type 98(11p)Navalofficers Type Tachi(7p)
Army officers Type 3(5p)Crew's Guntō(4p)ArmyNCO's Type 32 (4p)Army NCO's Type 95 (5p)
officers Kyū-Guntō(5p)Marshal sword(3p)
 Otherswords:(Combined use of Japaneseand English)
Naval dirk(6p)Command-sabre(New)Artillery Sidearms(New)Bayonet(6p)
Japanese Explanationabout a Guntō: (Only for English)
About a Guntō (Changes of amounting, & Kind of blade)(13p)(New)Evaluationof a GuntōRenewal (New)

Meaning of aGuntō
Renewal (New) Officer'sGuntōtheoryRenewal (New)

 About a Japanese sword:
(Only for English)
The outline of a Japanese sword(New)What is anoted sword ?
The Japanesesword of Western iron useHouseof cards 'Masamune'Renewal (New)
 Presentationsword: (Combineduse of Japanese and English)
The presentation swords fromJapan to Finland(3p)The presentation sword to Siam(Thailand)
The presentation sword to theBritish surgeonWw2

Wwii Samurai Sword Identification

Manchuria emperor presentation sword
 The JapaneseGuntō in a foreigncountry:(Combined use of Japaneseand English)
The Kahoku traffic police-affairs sword
 The essayrelated to a Guntō:(Combined use ofJapanese and English)
Admiral Tōgō and a Japanese sword(New) TheGuntō of abattlefieldThe Kamikazebase
 A specialpaper: (

Ww2 Japanese Sword Identification

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The whole aspect of the 'Kōa Issin sword'Renewal (New)

Ww2 Samurai Sword Identification

GreetingRenewal (New)
I charge the vicious Chinese sellerwho sells the China fake Guntō in eBay.→ Cautions a fake

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Ww2 Japanese Sword Identification

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