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Finally! A Midori skin by Nyan-rabbit…

Yandere sim pose mod download

Nyan-Rabbit’s DeviantArt: http://nyan-rabbit.deviantart.com/

By The Way I added some features to the mod! Here are the things that I made in the past 3 days:


Yandere Sim Pose Mod

Senpai as YandereDev

Added a voice line to Senpai.

Mai Waifu Rival features:

Decrease Sanity depends on how close you are.


Decrease Atmosphere depends on how close you are.

Note: Not Final…

Removed all the weapons and liquids that can kill someone in Akademi High:

Cooking Club Knife

Yandere Sim Pose Mod Commands

Roof Top Knife


Yandere Sim Pose Mode



Box Cutter

Yandere Sim Pose Mod

Baseball Bat

All of the Dumbbells

Jerry Can


Ritual Knife

Note: Maybe, soon, I’ll make Mai Waifu follow Senpai (YandereDev) all the time, so it’s hard to kill/eliminate her… I should replace Kokona as Mai Waifu.